Anitta is seen recording in a leisure area in Rio de Janeiro

“As soon as he returned to Brazil, the singer is already working! “

Capture 5
Capture 5

Anitta’s return to Brazil does not mean resting. The singer is recording something mysterious with her ballet this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. A set was set up at Aterro do Flamengo – a leisure complex in the city, which overlooks the Sugarloaf Mountain.

Some backstage footage came out, showing only the singer’s silhouette. Paparazzi also took pictures of the singer, revealing her complete costume and look. As of this writing , Anitta has not posted anything about the backstage of this work.

Fans’ questions whether it was “advertisement, clip or performance” was answered by one of the paparazzi photos. Anitta posed with a bicycle labeled “Magalu” by Magazine Luiza.

Juliette and Anitta meet: “I came to collect the rent”
The singer’s meeting with Juliette , who is staying at her mansion in Rio de Janeiro, was highly anticipated by fans and was shown by the artist on social networks. In addition to an affectionate photo with the BBB 21 champion, Anitta also showed how the makeup artist took over her house and “invaded” her bedroom.

In a sequel to Instagram Stories, the artist has fun with her new millionaire friend and jokes: “I came to collect your rent, huh…” . The lawyer, then, rebuts: “Possession and property. You have the property, ownership is mine. I took possession,” he replied.

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