Angela White poses in lace underwear from the pool to show off her great allure.

White’s social media post currently has over 150 thousand likes.

Angela White 2

Angela White left her millions of Instagram fans speechless a few days ago when she posted two photographs of herself in a sexy attire.

The model is inside the water, perched on her knees and arms, staring at the camera with her stunning blue eyes in the first photograph.


Angela White
Instagram Angela White Is A Model And Actress.


Angela flaunts her gorgeous shape with stunning red lace underwear, which nicely accentuates her great behind.


Finally, in the second photograph, the adult actress sits and leans back, allowing us to observe her remarkable attractions, which have left many of her fans speechless.

Within her post, the famous one includes a description that reads “Rapturing souls, 1 or 2,” to which her fans quickly responded that it was two.


White’s post has currently received over 150 thousand likes, as well as hundreds of comments from his adoring followers who have not stopped complimenting his physique.




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