Verónica Perasso’s open jacket displays her wonderful charms.

Perasso’s publication has so far been a success, with over 400 thousand likes.

Veronica Perasso Instagram

Verónica Perasso created a stir among her Instagram followers when she shared two images of herself wearing an eye-catching attire.

In the first shot, the model is wearing a wide white jacket without anything below it, and she has opened it a little to show off her fantastic charms.

Veronica Perasso
Veronica Perasso on Instagram
Verónica emerges in the second photograph from behind, sporting a pair of sizzling lace panties that wonderfully complement her amazing posterior and waste all her sensuality.

Without a doubt, the American has smitten more than one of her thousands of followers with her two photographs, and they are now requesting more comparable images.

The socialite included a description with her post, which reads, “Can someone help me think of a title that isn’t cheesy, please?”

Perasso’s publishing has so far been a success, with over 400 thousand likes and hundreds of kind notes in the comment section.



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