A horror movie has had to be reissued after frightening the public too much

The prodigy
The prodigy

Fans of the horror genre are going to have to keep track of ‘The Prodigy’, the latest film by Nicholas McCarthy (‘The Pact’). According to the director’s latest remarks, the first montage of the film scared spectators so much that they had to change some scenes.

Jackson Robert Scottt and Taylor Schilling in ‘The Prodigy’

“On their first pass, we observed that during a sequence of the film people were shouting so loudly that we had to go back and re-edit the next scene because the audience was still recovering from what they had just seen and they were losing all the dialogue,” he said. McCarthy in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The film tells the story of Sarah, played by Taylor Schilling (‘Orange is the New Black’), a mother who after observing sudden changes in the behavior of his son, Miles, which gives life to the young Jackson Robert Scott of ‘It ‘, he decides to take him to a therapist to find out what happens to him. Soon, Sarah will realize that something evil may have possessed her son.

In the same interview, the director also said that while reading the first half of the script he thought: “Oh, this is very interesting and macabre, it’s a twisted version of the diabolical child’s subgenre.” But then, the script goes into places I would never have imagined that, which is what made me go from “This is a movie that may be fine” to “This is a movie that must be made”.
Jeff Buhler, the future of terror?

‘The Prodigy’ will be the first of three feature films written by Jeff Buhler that will be released in theaters next year. Buhler, who until now had only signed the screenplay for ‘The wagon of death’, has also been responsible for writing the scripts of ‘Animal Cemetery’, the esparadísima new adaptation of the novel of Stephen King, and the last remake from ‘The Scream’.

‘The Prodigy’ premieres on February 8, 2019 in the United States.

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