Andrés Garcia mentioned Mara Félix: My legs were shaking

Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia

Andrés Garcia, the Dominican actor who shared his “questions” with Mara Félix, stood out on the screen not only for his outstanding talent, but also for his luck with women.

“My legs were shaking,” Andrés Garcia’s recent success has made his audience recall not only his acting career, but also some of the experiences he shared with his YouTube followers.


Cuando Andrés García coqueteó con María Félix | Mexico | Telenovelas nnda  nnlt | FAMA | MAG.

One of the most contentious things he gave was regarding his relationship with famed actress Mara Félix. Andrés Garcia admitted to having a sentimental attachment with “La Doa” in one of his videos, “Is it true that you fought against El Santo, the silver masked man?” Unfortunately, due to the actor’s apprehension, it never took place.


“La Doña and I loved each other very much, we liked each other very much, and we always wanted each other, García said.”


Despite the fact that they both admired and liked each other, Andrés Garcia confessed that he was hesitant to embark into a relationship with the actress. Mara Félix once asked him directly why they hadn’t had “her tasks” from her, to which he responded that she was terrified.


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The actor from ” Pedro N@vajas ” assured him that the actress was always quite loving with him, recounting their meeting in Paris. But, because to her fear, their attraction never blossomed.

The story is hardly surprising given Mara Félix’s reputation for independence and freedom in her relationships with men. The actor expressed his fear about having problems with La Doa’s spouse on multiple occasions, but she reacted forcefully that she didn’t care what he thought.


María Félix was the only woman who caused fear in the actor Andrés García |  Celebs | Mexico | MX | nnda nnlt | MEXICO - World Today News


Despite the fact that they were not romantically involved, Andrés Garcia was always full of affection and respect for the actress, assuring her that she was a magnificent woman with remarkable attractiveness.

In his YouTube videos, the actor also shared some interesting events, such as his fight with “El Santo in Acapulco.” His narrative with Mara Félix, on the other hand, is one of the most intriguing and contentious things he has shared with his followers.


Cuando Andrés García coqueteó con María Félix | Mexico | Telenovelas nnda  nnlt | FAMA | MAG.


In short, Andrés Garcia never had an affair with Mara Félix, but the admiration and affection they had will live on in the hearts of both performers’ fans.

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