TOP 10 Most Populous Cities in the World (Updated)

The TOP 10 largest cities in the world in terms of population, in fact, is a list of the most densely populated megacities on the planet. Their gigantic urban spaces serve as centers of economic activity and transport communications for their countries, and when the time for vacations comes, they are places of recreation with almost limitless possibilities. These huge cities have many exciting activities and attractions to see.

aerial crowd japanese pedestrian crossing street with sunset light elevated view asian people walking busiest road intersection tokyo city
aerial crowd japanese pedestrian crossing street with sunset light elevated view asian people walking busiest road intersection tokyo city

You will find breathtaking panoramic views from the rooftops and observation decks of skyscrapers, romantic travel and adventure, green parks and incredible sunsets. So, be surprised by the large numbers, choose the city (or cities) you like, plan your trip well and hit the road. Better, of course, pick the season with the lowest prices and the smallest flow of tourists. The numbers given in this article are never accurate – they are constantly changing, only the place that occupies the TOP of the largest megacities in the world does not change. the capital of Japan is the most populous city on the planet.

1. Tokyo, Japan

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Population: about 35.5 million people. Tokyo is the largest urban agglomeration in the world, the area of ​​the metropolitan area is about 13,572 square meters. km. Metropolis number 1 on the planet is located on the shores of Tokyo Bay with many huge harbors, marinas and docks. In addition to the area, the Japanese capital has many other world records. Tokyo is not only the leader of the fashion and design industry in the Eastern Hemisphere, but also a “global city” in a number of other indicators. On the streets of the ever-bustling metropolis, you can meet people from all over the world. They come here to feel the charm of Japan and get to know the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun better. Many skyscrapers rise above the central part of the metropolis, but the city has enough parks, gardens and recreational areas,  historical sights and huge shopping centers.

2. Seoul, South Korea

South Korea's Capital City of Seoul

Population: about 25.5 million people. The capital of South Korea, Seoul , ranks second in the TOP of the largest megacities in the world. Here you can have a great vacation at any time of the year. Seoul’s charm can be felt even in the air, this gigantic modern city is always energetic and lively. The metropolis is home to almost half of South Korea’s population, is it surprising that Seoul is one of the most densely populated urbanized capitals in the world ?! The colors of the night completely transform the city and even more clearly emphasize the charm of one of the most modern megacities on the planet and one of the main technological centers in the world. Even during a short walk around the city center, you will repeatedly be able to make sure that Seoul is the “best” in terms of a number of indicators.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

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Population: about 20.0 million people. The city of Mexico City is “picturesque” located between mountains and plains. The capital of Mexico is the largest metropolis in the Western Hemisphere. Mexico City’s skyline is lined with skyscraper towers in the city’s vibrant downtown area. Futuristic multi-storey structures are a symbol of prosperity and modernity, and a little further, deep in the urban space of Mexico City, quiet and peaceful residential areas with luxurious homes hide. Some of them are “hiding” behind clean and uncrowded streets, others are located in the midst of tall green trees and endless parks, while others occupy the tops of hills, from which excellent panoramic views of the city open.

4. New York, United States

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Population: about 19 million people. The City That Never Sleeps is simply a city that never really sleeps and is the largest metropolitan area in the United States. Getting to know New York, and along with many of the world’s most famous and impressive landmarks, is best on warm summer days. When day ends and night falls,  New York is completely transformed and turns into a world of countless night lights, bright sounds and huge shadows, reflected in the water surface of two of the most famous rivers in the world and one bay. The silhouette of the city, the architectural landscape of New York is one of its most important and famous sights. Anyone who has visited New York at least once in his life always dreams of returning to this city.

5. Mumbai, India

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Population: about 18.5 million people. Mumbai somewhat different from the other largest megacities of the Earth. The city stretches on the coast of the Arabian Sea (part of the Indian Ocean between the Arabian Peninsula and the Hindustan), and from the rest of the sides, numerous rivers and lakes approach Mumbai. Despite the high position in the TOP of the giant cities, the metropolitan area of ​​Mumbai occupies the area of ​​an “ordinary” city. This means that the population density is simply enormous – Mumbai is one of the cities with the highest number of inhabitants per unit area. Even on a short stroll through the center of the metropolis, the contrasts between the huge ultra-modern buildings and the ramshackle slums mired in indescribable poverty are striking. But the sights are everywhere here, and the options for spending time on vacation simply cannot be counted. Some of the best panoramic views of Mumbai will be enjoyed on a boat trip across the bay and open sea. Be sure to take the opportunity to take a boat tour – this trip can be a real Mumbai fairy tale.

6. Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia braces for another COVID-19 surge as Ramadan bustle returns -  National - The Jakarta Post

Population: about 11.0 million people. Welcome to the capital of Indonesia, a city of impressive numbers and a collection of landmarks. Impressive numbers begin with the fact that, firstly, almost half of the country’s population lives in the city, including the suburbs, the urban agglomeration of Jakarta does not end with the city limits, and in fact, about 28.0 million people live in the urban area of ​​the Indonesian capital. Secondly, Jakarta is not only the capital, but also the largest city in the country with huge harbors, many man-made islands with residential buildings, with a coastline turned into a real paradise for life and relaxation. Due to the subtropical climate, the air temperature throughout the year is above 30 degrees Celsius. The warmth is complemented by the gentle rays of the sun, however, during the rainy season, the sun is almost invisible and it rains almost every day.

7. Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Population: about 20.0 million people. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the country with a truly “Brazilian” atmosphere. While walking in the center of the metropolis, you will come across many historical sights: many museums, art galleries, historic streets with colorful houses and, of course, the stunning Cathedral of São Paulo. And this is just a part of what is worth seeing in the largest Brazilian metropolis. The historical charm of the city is only emphasized and complemented by skyscrapers, a symbol of the architectural vision of our time. The abundance of greenery is another characteristic feature of Sao Paulo.

8. Delhi, India

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Population: about 22.2 million people. When visiting India , do not forget to visit  New Delhi – the capital of the country that has the official status of the National Capital District. Delhi is one of the most densely populated megacities in the world, but only if you take into account the entire urban agglomeration – the central part, the city of Delhi itself, is not so densely populated and there is a population of “only” eleven million people. The city’s unique historical and cultural charm is supported by numerous, sacred to every Indian, historic sites. Ancient necropolises and tombs, temples and ancient palaces … Delhi is a true pearl of the country, a unique historical and cultural center, which is definitely worth visiting (especially in the Old City of New Delhi).

9. Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Japan

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Population: about 17.9 million people. These cities, like Tokyo , are located on the shores of a huge bay, only the urban agglomeration is represented not by one, but by as many as three cities – Osaka , Kobe and Kyoto . This is the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto region of southeastern Japan, another great summer getaway in the urbanized atmosphere of one of the world’s greatest countries. Each of the three megacities has many gardens, modern buildings, clean streets and hotels. And how many interesting things you can do and see here! And at the same time meet new interesting people from all over the planet.

10. Shanghai, China

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Population: about 23 million people. Shanghai is the largest city in China, at the same time occupying one of the top positions in the list of the most densely populated megacities on the planet. In the center of Shanghai, you will not leave the feeling that you suddenly found yourself in the very center of the world. Everything is here. From ultra-modern skyscrapers and futuristic buildings to huge historic districts and countless recreational green spaces. And this is just “the very tip of the iceberg”, there are many more interesting things waiting for you in Shanghai.

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