Kerala Lottery Result Today (7th January 2022) Live | Kerala State Lottery Karunya Plus KN 399 – Lottery Sambad Result Today

Kolkata Ff Fatafat | Kerala State Lottery Sambad Today 7th January 2022 Result Live, 3 PM: On our website we show Kerala State Lottery Sambad Today  Result, First Prize Winner Name, Cost and Winners List Live on our website.

If you want to check Kerala State Lottery Sambad Karunya Plus KN 399 Sambad online then visit Kerala State Karuna Plus KN 399 Lottery Sambad official website or check below Kerala State Karunya Plus KN 399 Lottery Sambad Result ( Kerala Lottery Sambad Results Today ).

Kerala State Lottery Sambad offers Draw almost every day. Lottery Sambad There is a lottery every day from Monday to Saturday. And on the last Saturday of each month there is a lottery. Apart from this, Kerala State Lottery bumper lottery is also organized 4 times a year on special occasions .

Kerala State Lottery Sambad was the first of its kind lottery program in India. Which is being run by the Lotteries Department of the Government of Kerala since 1967. Seeing the success of Lotto program, other states are running Lottery Sambad inspired by it. The draw is held at various locations in the state including the department’s headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala.

Kerala State Lottery Sambad Result | About Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 Thursday Lottery Live 

Department Name Kerala State Lottery
Department Thiruvananthapuram
Draw Number 399th Draw
Lottery Name Karrunya Plus KN 399
First Winning Prize Amount Rs. 80,00,000 (80 Lakh Rupees)
Draw Date 7th January 2022
Lottery Result Timing 17 December 2021 Today at 3 PM
Official Website Link
Result Status Published After 3 PM


Kerala Lottery Result Today 7th January 2022

 Kerala Lottery Sambad Result [Kerala Lottery Sambad Result]
Akshaya (AK 529) 7th January 2022

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Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-292) 7th January 2022 View
WIN-WIN(W-647) 20/12/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-528) 18/12/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-255) 17/12/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-399) 16/12/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-528) 15/12/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-291) 14/12/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-646) 13/12/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-527) 11/12/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-254) 10/12/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-398) 09/12/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-527) 08/12/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-290) 07/12/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-645) 06/12/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-526) 04/12/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-253) 03/12/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-397) 02/12/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-526) 01/12/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-289) 30/11/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-644) 29/11/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-525) 27/11/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-252) 26/11/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-396) 25/11/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-525) 24/11/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-288) 23/11/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-643) 22/11/2021 View
POOJA BUMPER- 2021(BR-82) 21/11/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-524) 20/11/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-251) 19/11/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-395) 18/11/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-524) 17/11/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-287) 16/11/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-642) 15/11/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-523) 13/11/2021 View
NIRMAL (NR-250) 12/11/2021 View
CARD PLUS(KN-394) 11/11/2021 View
AKSHAYA (AK-523) 10/11/2021 View
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-286) 09/11/2021 View
WIN-WIN(W-641) 08/11/2021 View
KARUNYA (KR-522) 06/11/2021 View

Please Wait, today’s Kerala State Lottery Sambad AK529 Result will be displayed in front of you soon.

Please wait, the result of today’s Kerala State Lottery Sambad AK529 will be displayed in front of you soon.


Winning Ticket Numbers of Today Akshaya AK 529 – Kerala State Lottery Sambad Result 7th January 2022

1st Prize- Rs.75,00,000/

AD 674414

Consolation Prize- Rs. 7,000/-

  • AA 674414 AB 674414
  • AC 674414 AE 674414
  • AF 674414 AG 674414
  • AH 674414 AJ 674414
  • AK 674414 AL 674414 AM 674414

2nd Prize- Rs.9,00,000/-

AM 499971

3rd Prize- Rs.100000/-

AA 114771
AB 477092
AC 499924
AD 799176
AE 760196
AF 719946
AG 749772
AH 707916
AJ 970271
AK 764647
AL 497474
AM 929072

4th Prize- Rs. 9000/-

4221 4926 7716 9970 9419 0947 6444 9127 2446 9229 7929 4461 6499 0667 9417 9947 1409 1774

5th Prize- Rs. 2000/-

2490 2979 4662 4971 9274 6961 7461

6th Prize- Rs. 1000/-

0911 0711 1491 1464 1479 1979 2614 2929 4297 4420 4427 4901 4017 4642 4767 9006 9042 6279 6442 6721 7070 7744 7724 7429 7747 7792

7th Prize – Rs.900/-

0122 0292 0796 0790 1141 1242 1497 1470 1974 1697 1679 1904 1947 2014 2097 2197 2221 2900 2670 2710 2746 4202 4294 4414 4447 4474 4776 4794 4192 4422 4944 4947 4964 9049 9419 9494 9797 6197 6299 6269 6479 6699 6711 6779 6741 6944 7099 7172 7446 7977 7614 7727 7790 7790 7797 7144 7170 7417 7466 7644 7712 7740 7791 9144 9266 9272 9414 9744 9769 9791 9977

8th Prize – Rs.100/-

4944 7042 9917 6419 0977 1440 7061 1410 9444 2994 6974 2400 2992 7416 9447 0107 4474 0744 4714 9479 4971 6791 7792 0219 1794 7074 2961 0704 4241 7776 7766 1490 7470 4941 9449 4494 7966 4944 2679 2924 7969 9076 1497 4227 9969 1669 7947 1669 9999 4972 6199 1770 7974 6907 6266 4797 4401 0691 7466 6949 9701 4494 2774 2279 1217 4979 6144 6620 9040 1726 7444 1047 6949 7001 7049 4771 7990 4906 0699 9297 1607 0290 7777 9747 6714 7444 2427 0720 9442 7027 1910 4997 6997 2929 9074 7429 6474 7779 6607 1097 2299 4209 0199 7601 7749 7099 7797

How to Buy Kerala State Lottery? , How to Participate Kerala State Lottery?

Before buying the Kerala State Lottery, let me tell you that you should try to buy from the lottery shop itself because especially do not buy online lottery in India because no rule law has been made by the government on lottery. So if there is any fraud with you then no help will be given by the government in this.

There are only 13 states in India where lotteries are recognized by the state government. I am giving you the list of your states below.

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  •  Goa
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  •  Maharashtra
  •  Manipur
  •  Meghalaya
  •  Mizoram
  •  Nagaland
  •  Punjab
  •  Sikkim
  • West Bengal

Try to buy from Indian lottery shop only. Don’t get confused by online. Because fraud can happen to you. Yes you can buy International Lottery online. Because there are rules and regulations for this. So that if you are cheated then you can make a claim.

Talking about Kerala State Lottery , every citizen of India can buy this lottery and get the benefits from it, brother, we know how much amount the winners of Kerala State Lottery get.

Kerala State Lottery Sambad Winner Prize list

Rank  Prize Amount
1st Prize Rs. 80,00,000 (80 Lakh)
Consolation Prize Rs. 8,000
2nd Prize Rs. 10,00,000
3rd Prize Rs. 1,00,000
4th Prize Rs. 5,000
5th Prize Rs. 1000
6th Prize Rs. 500
7th Prize Rs. 100

How to claim Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 Lottery Sambad Prize?

If you have bought ticket for Kerala State Lottery Sambad Today . And you have won the prize so many people don’t know how to claim the prize money? Where else to do it? Don’t worry, you have come to the right website. I must tell Kerala State Lottery Sambad Today its official website on  the published 3:00 pm each evening and if your name is there. So you can absolutely claim on this official website, if your prize money is ₹ 100000 or more than one lakh, then you must take a photo copy of the self-attested PAN card.

On the basis of the prize money, the department of Kerala State Lottery communication is made separately. We have given its details below, you can claim it in the right department with its help.

Winning Amount Submit Claim Form Department
5000 Rs and Below Amount Ticket Agents
1 Lakh Rs and Below Amount Department of District Lottery Offices
1 Lakh Rs and Below {Other State} Department of Directorate
Lakh Rs or Above Amount Department of Director of State Lotteries
1 Lakh Rs to 20 Lakhs Rs Amount Department of Deputy Director
20 lakhs and Above Amount Department of Director

On how many days of the week are the Kerala State Lottery Sambad held?

Kerala State Lottery is organized by Kerala State 6 days a week. Why are different types removed? Apart from this, it is also taken out on the last Sunday of every month. The timing of all these is at 3:00 in the evening.

The ticket price for the Kerala State Lottery Sambad Results Today ranges from ₹30 to ₹100 and each lottery has its own different prize money. Lottery Sambad is played 6 days a week in different ways, the details of which we have described below.

Days lottery name Ticket Price (in Rs.) Top Prize (in Rs.)
Monday win-win 30 50-65 lakhs
Tuesday female power 30 50-65 lakhs
Wednesday renewable 30 50-65 lakhs
Thursday Karunya Plus 30 80 lakh – 1 crore
Friday Nirmal Weekly 30 50-65 lakhs
Saturday Karunya 30 80 lakh – 1 crore
Sunday* Bhagyamitra 100 1 crore

Bhagya Mitra draw is conducted on the last Sunday of every month.

In which month is the Kerala State Bumper Lottery released?

The bumper lottery is organized by the Kerala State Lottery Sambad four times a year at different times. In which festival and seasonal events are taken care of. The price of a bumper lottery ticket ranges from ₹100 to ₹300. And player wins maximum prize money of 12 crores.

i. The first bumper lottery of the year is drawn by Lottery Sambad in the month of January . The name of this lottery is Christmas New Year Lottery .

The Christmas New Year Bumper Lottery is held in the month of January of the year or sometimes in early February. This lottery is the biggest lottery in the whole country because the prize money of this lottery is ₹ 12 crores .

ii. The second bumper lottery of the year is drawn by Lottery Sambad in the month of March , the name of this lottery is Summer Bumper Lottery .

The Summer Bumper Lottery of Kerala State Lottery costs ₹ 150 in which 6 crores is given to the winner . The Summer Bumper Lottery is conducted every March of the year. In this, tickets are usually sent in 5 series.

iii. The third bumper lottery of the year is conducted by Lottery Sambad in the month of July and the name of this lottery is Monsoon Bumper Lottery .

The price of Monsoon Bumper Lottery ticket varies every year, last year its value was ₹200 in which ₹5000000 was given to the first prize winner .

iv. The fourth and last bumper lottery of the year is conducted by Lottery Sambad in the month of November and the name of this lottery is Pooja Bumper Lottery .

Pooja Bumper Lottery is the last bumper lottery of the year in the state of Kerala. This lottery is held at Sree Chitra Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. And its first prize winner is given an amount of 5 crores .

How to check Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399′ Results?

After knowing all these things a thought must have come in your mind that how to check if your name is listed in Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 or not? Or if you have won the prize, then how will we get information about this, there are many such questions that must have come in your mind, so let us know step by step: – 

Step 1 : First of all you have to go to the official website of Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 .

Step 2:  As soon as the website will open, you will see four types of options which are like this:- 

  • Lottery Result
  • Lottery Agents
  • Lottery Claim
  • Lottery Structure

Step 3: Then you click on the button with Lottery Result.

Step 4:  After clicking on Lottery Result you have to click on Kerala Lottery Result.

Step 5 After that you have to click on Karunya plus KN 399 option.

Step 6 Then a new page will open where you will be able to see your result.

There are many other lotttery played in Kerala State, whose name we have mentioned below. 

  • Kerala WinWin Lottery
  • Kerala Nirmal Lottery
  • Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery
  • Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery
  • Kerala Akshaya Lottery

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) related to Kerala State Lottery Sambad Results

How to check Kerala Lottery Sambad Result?

To check Kerala Lottery Result, you can first easily check it by visiting its official website . Also, if there is a claim to be made, then they can also do it.

Which results will the Kerala Lottery publish today?

Kerala Lottery will publish Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 today.

What is the 1st prize prize of Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399?

 The first winner to win the Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399 is given a prize money of 80 lakhs.

Which lotteries are played in Kerala State?

There are many lotteries are played in the state of Kerala like
1. Kerala Karunya Plus KN 399
2. Kerala WinWin Lottery
3. Kerala Nirmal Lottery
4. Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery
5. Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery
6. Kerala Akshaya Lottery

Are there rules and regulations made by the government for lotteries? 

No, there is no rules and regulations for lotteries by the Government of India. If there is any fraud with you, the government will not help you. The Indian government considers it illegal. But some states have recognized lottery.

Do I have to pay tax on Kerala lottery prize money?

Yes, of course, if your prize money is more than ₹ 10000 or ₹ 10000, then you will be deducted 30% by income tax, apart from this, about 10% will be deducted, overall you will get around 60% of the total prize money.


Lottery game is completely banned in India. This game has been banned under the law across the country. But despite that, this game is being used extensively through online medium. Those who are blindly falling into the trap of this game. Let me tell those people, if you are caught using this game, then you can be punished with 1 year imprisonment and 1000 fine.  This article written by us is only for your information (Education Purpose).

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