Coronavirus: What does phase 3 mean and what are the measures?

In this coronavirus pandemic it is extremely important to know what means the Phase 3 and what measures; here we tell you.

Given this situation experienced by the coronavirus pandemic , where cases and deaths are on the rise, various phases have been activated or announced and one of them is phase 3. So here we will tell you what it means and what are the measures that are carried out; so let’s get started.

What does phase 3 mean

To begin with, phase 3 of the coronavirus is when its spread is already extensive and thousands of individuals are infected with the virus, and given this the chains of spread are difficult to break; therefore, more specific strategies need to be applied.

Thus, what characterizes phase 3 is the dispersed spread of outbreaks that come together and manifest when there are various outbreaks of origin at one site and at a given moment there is an interconnection between all of them; A clear example of this is when there are cases in two municipalities but it is not known which one caused the first outbreak.


After the above, and according to the undersecretary of health, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, in phase 3 there must be thousands of confirmed cases and an overload in hospitals: “The fundamental thing is the overload of the hospital system, including intensive therapies ”;

Measures before phase 3

That is why in this context of what phase 3 means, it is of utmost importance to know what its measures are in order to be informed and to know what will be carried out or what this stage entails in the face of the pandemic. of coronavirus; Therefore, here we will tell you what they are:

  • Curfews, flight limitations, border closures and mandatory quarantine may apply.
  • Where there are active outbreaks, classes and activities in work centers are suspended.
  • There is suspension of public events.

Mexico enters Phase 3 due to coronavirus, what does it mean and how should we act?

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