Recovered Covid-19 patients lose up to 30% lung capacity

A study by health authorities in Hong Kong, China has revealed that patients recovered from Covid-19 lose their breath while walking.

Recovered Covid 19 patients lose up to 30 lung capacity
Recovered Covid 19 patients lose up to 30 lung capacity

The patients recovered from the COVID-19  reduce lung capacity by up to 30 percent and have problems such as shortness of breath to the brisk and fast pace, according to a study implemented by the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong (China).

In an interview for the South China Morning Post, Owen Tsang Tak-yin, medical director of the Authority’s Center for Infectious Diseases at Princess Margaret Hospital, explained that after following up on recovered patients from Covid-19 they discovered that they were no longer capable to carry out activities that they used to do normally.

“They gasp if they speed up,” Tsang explained, adding that after recovery, “some patients may have a reduction in their lung capacity of between 20% and 30%.”

Lung scans of nine patients who were infected with the new coronavirus showed ‘frozen glass’ images in all of them, suggesting that the organs were damaged.

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At the moment, patients with covid-19 are treated with Kaletra, a drug used for HIV, as well as with Ribavirin, used in patients with hepatitis C, and with Interferon. In addition, in the coming weeks, Hong Kong hospitals will begin clinical trials with remdesivir, originally developed to treat Ebola, to see how effective it is against the new virus.

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