YouTube: what to do when comments don’t load on a video on your PC?

On YouTube, it is possible that sometimes the comments left by users will not load well. However, here are six possible solutions.

Try these six solutions to be able to access YouTube comments. Photo: Europa Press

If you’ve ever used YouTube, you may have noticed that, in some cases, comments are the most interesting part of a video posted on the platform. Either because of the debate that was caused by the ideas and opinions expressed in the multimedia content or because of the jokes made by the community of followers of a content creator, this section in the interface of the social network is one of the most important.

However, different reasons can cause the comments not to load properly and can deprive you of knowing about the discussions that are taking place at that moment. If you want to get to the bottom of this situation, pay attention to the six possible solutions that we will tell you below.

1. Reload the YouTube tab

If you are facing this problem, one of the first options you should try is to refresh the page. To do this, use the Refresh button in the upper left corner of your screen if you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Another way to activate it is through the F5 key.

However, if your internet connection is low, it is likely that the upload of the video in question will be prioritized over that of the comments.

2. Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers, also known as ad blocks, help you avoid any unwanted ads. However, one of the possible side effects of their use is that they hamper functionality on certain sites.

To fix the YouTube comments problem, try disabling it and refresh the page.

3. Try incognito mode

Another way to make sure you have the comments available is to choose to open incognito mode. In Google Chrome, you just have to press the Crtl + Alt + N set of keys to open a new tab in this mode.

4. Reset Google Chrome

If everything else is not working, a solution may be to reset your Google Chrome browser. Just go to this link: chrome: // setting / reset and click on the option to Restore the settings to their default values. This could be the difference between seeing or not seeing YouTube comments for your favorite videos.

5. It’s up to the content creator

YouTube allows its content creators, also called YouTubers, to disable comments on their videos if they wish. Sometimes, to avoid polarizing discussions or for privacy, this measure only authorizes you to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the audiovisual file and no other action. That is why, in this case, it is a matter of simply clicking on another video.

6. Clean your browser data

Lastly, you can also run a data cleanup in your browser. With this, you get rid of any files with a possible corrupt cache that may be causing you problems. First, enter a and then press Enter. Select the cache and ‘cookies’ options; then make sure the time slot is set to Since Always. Hit the Clean Now button and you are Done!!


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