You may conceal your profile image from the contacts you choose on WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, it will soon be possible to conceal a new profile photo from select contacts. How is it going to work? Here is what we have to say to you.

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WhatsApp’s engineers are working on a new feature that will allow people to conceal the ‘profile photo’ from select contacts. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging programme. This functionality is currently being tested by Android and iPhone users who have downloaded the trial version.

The WhatsApp profile photo is almost identical to the Facebook-owned messaging service’s ID. When we open the app on our phone to send a message, the profile photo of our conversations is usually the only thing we glance at to identify each of the contacts.

However, our profile photo is visible to all of our contacts, which might be inconvenient for certain users, especially if we have people added just for professional or academic purposes. As a result, this new feature would be excellent for many WhatsApp users.

Details of the new customised privacy settings for the profile photo have been disclosed in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for the Android upgrade, according to the specialist web WABetaInfo. That is, we will have the following choices for hiding it:

Everyone: Your profile image will be visible to anybody who has you on their WhatsApp contact list.
My contacts: Your profile image will only be shown to the individuals you’ve added to your WhatsApp contact list.

My contacts except: is a new feature that lets you conceal your profile photo from certain contacts.
Nobody: Your profile picture will not be seen to anybody.
These options were also available for the “last connection time” in a previous WhatsApp beta; however, the platform has opted to include it in the profile photo. On the other hand, the exact date when this capability will be available to all users remains unknown.

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