Lana Rhoades reveals that she is only three months pregnant in a sexy video.

Lana can be seen wearing a beautiful top and an orange skirt inside the recording.

Lana Rhoades 2

Lana Rhoades posted a video to her Instagram account in which she showed off her pregnant belly to her followers.

Lana can be seen inside the recording wearing a striking top and an orange skirt and running her right hand over part of her abdomen until she reaches her neck.

This time, the actress is in her backyard, so she shows us her magnificent pool as well as photographs of her ultrasound, all to the beat of ” Fair ” by Drake and Travis Scott.

Finally, the model zooms in on her belly, revealing her 6 months pregnant belly, which caused quite a stir among her millions of followers.

Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades On Instagram

Because her delivery is anticipated on January 13, the influencer leaves a description in which we may read 3 more months.

Currently, Rhoades’ book has received over 1 million 350 thousand likes, in addition to thousands of comments from her admirers, who have not ceased thanking her.


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