Would you like your phone to ‘talk’ to you when it finishes charging?

Using this trick, which few users know, your cell phone will notify you when its battery reaches 100%. Would you like to learn it?

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Keep in mind that this trick will only work if you have an Android smartphone. Photo: Xataka

In social networks, a peculiar trick has just become a trend that will be very helpful for people who usually leave their smartphone connected to the current for hours. Thanks to this method, only some users know, your cell smart you ‘talk’ when your battery is filled to 100%. Do you want to know how? Here we are going to explain it to you.

You may not know it, but there is a method for your smartphone to ‘talk’ to you when the battery is at 100%. In this way, you will know that it is time to disconnect it from the current.

Keep in mind that this trick only works if you have a smartphone that works with the Android operating system. In case you have an iPhone or another Apple device, unfortunately, it will not work.

How to make your smartphone ‘talk’ when it is charged?

1. Enter the Play Store and download an application called Battery Sound Notification

2. Once installed, you will have to give it the permissions for it to work properly.

3. Open Battery Sound Notification and tap the + icon at the top.

4. A window will appear that is divided into three sections: modesound, and general.

5. In the first one, choose a full battery and place 100%. In the second, choose text to speech and write what you want your smartphone to tell you.

6. Finally, in general, you will have to add a name and a description.

That is all. After saving the changes, your Android will read the message you wrote every time the battery reaches 100%. You can also configure a different response, in case you are running out of power.

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