Windows 11: how to activate God Mode in the new operating system

Windows 11 has several features that users have not tested to date; On this occasion, we will explain to you what the God mode is for.

Windows 11
In simple steps you can learn to use one of Microsoft's most peculiar modes. Photo: LR composition

One of the peculiarities that Windows 11 has is the variety of functions that it has integrated in its new update in order to facilitate the actions of users on their PCs. And if there is one that has attracted a lot of attention, mainly because of its name, it is the God Mode of the operating system, which is also known as the GodMode folder, which has included certain improvements over its predecessors.

Although it has been mentioned that this mode is recent, it has already been present in previous versions of the Microsoft system. In itself, the mode is easy to apply, since it consists of creating a special folder that is made up of shortcuts to tools and advanced functions that the user chooses. That said, it is like an ordinary folder, but with the difference of including certain codes in its name.

With this, it becomes a useful and functional folder for each person, which gives the freedom to put together more than 200 shortcuts to different Windows 11 options. Here we will give you an easy guide to create this folder and be able to presume that you have the God Mode.

  • The first step is the easiest of all, you just have to create an easy-to-locate folder, preferably on the Desktop or in a Windows 11 explorer.
  • Then the crucial part is when you rename the folder, which we will name as GodMode{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} .
  • Once the indicated name has been changed as is, close the folder and go to the command section.
  • There write the code that you put in the folder and press the Enter key.
  • Immediately, the folder name will disappear, but don’t be alarmed, as this is normal and means that you are following the steps well.

Ready, God Mode will already be engaged. To check that everything is working correctly with the folder, it must be opened and check if the options attributed by the hardware are shown in your menu. Finally, within it, you will find several useful options without having to look for them in the Control Panel or Windows options.


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