WhatsApp will not allow another user to save temporary messages


Recently, it has been revealed that the update will not allow another user to save temporary messages

Recently, it has been revealed that the update within the famous WhatsApp application will not allow another user to save temporary messages and we will let you know all about it.

The beta version of the application for the Android operating system also introduces new features for the camera function shortcut.

Recently, the famous WhatsApp application is developing new functionalities and features that are being tested in beta versions for both Android devices and iOS devices and, this time, it is evaluating preventing the saving of some temporary messages.

In May of this year, the WABetaInfo page announced that the instant messaging platform was working on a feature for both Android and iOS.

This allows you to save temporary messages, something different from the current option of starred messages that is available to all users of the application.

In this way, some temporary messages were allowed to be kept saved and available to be read once again, although the decision to keep them must be consented to by the participants and any of them, whether from conversation groups or individual chats, can decide if they decide stop saving these messages.

However, the update of the beta version of the WhatsApp application for Android is working on a complementary functionality to the previous one, which consists of preventing some temporary messages from being saved by the participants of a conversation.

This is how, according to WABetaInfo, this is an update designed so that the messages that were deleted from the “saved messages” section by a user can no longer be re-entered in that list by another person.

In this way, in case a person decides to re-save a message that was deleted from the saved section, an alert will be displayed on the screen indicating that this action is not allowed.

It should be noted that the message that appears, at least, in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android is:

The author of this message has stopped saving it, so no one else can save it again in this conversation.”

At the moment it is still unknown if this functionality will be available in the next global update for the WhatsApp application, if it will reach Android or iOS devices at the same time, or if it will remain in the development stage.


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