WhatsApp: discover the meaning of the emoji of the face surrounded by hearts

If you think you know what this WhatsApp emoticon really means, you are wrong. Keep reading this note to find out how to use it correctly.

WhatsApp: discover the meaning of the emoji of the face surrounded by hearts

Communicating with emojis on WhatsApp is something really fun since it helps us express emotions that with words would be difficult for us. There are smilies that are very easy to identify what they represent. However, there are a large number of emoticons of which we do not know their true meaning. Do you want to know what they really express? Here we tell you.

One of the most used is the emoji of the face surrounded by hearts that belongs to the yellow faces section of WhatsApp and it is a face that shows happiness since it even smiles with its eyes. He has flushed cheeks and three hearts floating around his head. This emoticon is available on both Android and iOS.

According to the official Emojipedia site, the smiley face with hearts is used in WhatsApp to show that someone is in love, as well as a series of feelings of happiness and affection. On some platforms, the number of hearts can vary between three or more and may or may not be blushing.

Although in most cases it is used to express love, the intensity or type of feeling may vary depending on the context of the conversation on WhatsApp. For example, it is very different to put the emoji between couples than to thank a partner for a favor.

The popular WhatsApp emoji was approved as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018 and added to Emoji 11.0 in 2018. It is important to note that despite having the same encoding, each platform can vary the design of each emoji to suit their operating system or Interface.

WhatsApp: so you can make video calls with up to 50 people in the app

The global pandemic due to COVID-19, which prevents us from moving freely, has caused millions of people to communicate through video calls. WhatsApp is one of the apps that offer this function, but most of its users only know the option with 8 participants, without knowing that there is a way to create rooms with up to 50 people from the platform.

In this sense, you should know that you do not need to download any third-party application to make video calls with 50 people from WhatsApp. Also, this option can be used regardless of whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone.

How to easily create stickers?

WhatsApp allows us to create our own stickers with any photograph or image that we have saved on our smartphone. To create quality stickers we can use either of these two applications.

The first is called Sticker Maker and is available for Android and iOS users. This application is very simple to use and you can choose any photograph you have on your phone, it can be your friends, work colleagues, family, etc.

The second app is called WSTicK and it offers you tools to erase the background of photos or cut their size. Its free version allows you to save 16 stickers per package, but its paid version supports up to 30.

How to create a chat with yourself

The trick is to use the groups of WhatsApp. To do this, enter the application and click on the three-dot icon to open the options menu. Here select “New Group” to create one, add a trusted contact and finally choose a name for the chat.

When it is successfully created the group of WhatsApp, only sufficient to eliminate the contact you previously added. Ready, now there will be a chat where the only participant will be you and which you can use to send messages to yourself.

How to hide the ‘online’?

Believe it or not, there is a secret trick of WhatsApp, which few users know, allows you to hide the ‘online’ and the ‘writing’ to your friends who have you as a contact in the instant messaging application.

If you want to know this fantastic secret WhatsApp trick, which will allow you to be ‘invisible’, then do not hesitate to review the following video, which soon became a trend on social networks, especially on YouTube.


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