What happens when you change the number of your WhatsApp account?

If you have doubts about changing the phone number linked to your WhatsApp account, here we clarify all the questions

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WhatsApp is the messaging application used the most by millions of people around the world. However, some users fear that they may lose their chats, photos, videos or files, if they choose to change the phone number that is associated with their account on the platform. Here we explain what happens when you perform this action.

In this sense, you should know that the ‘change number’ function allows you to modify your phone number linked to your WhatsApp account on the same device without losing anything, migrating all the data, contacts and messages to the new account. That is, the following occurs:

Your old WhatsApp number will be deleted. Therefore, you will no longer appear in the list of your contacts in the messaging app.
All your conversations and your files like photos and videos will be kept. That is, when you change the number of the application, you will not see any difference.
You will remain in all the WhatsApp groups in which you were added.
The information and your profile picture will not be modified in your WhatsApp account.
All your settings like tones, privacy and the like will be migrated to your new number on the platform.
Notify your contacts of the number change
At the moment that we are going to proceed with the change of number in WhatsApp , it is best that we notify all our contacts of the fact. In this way, they will be able to save the new number in their phonebook.

Therefore, you will be asked if you want to notify your contacts. You will have three options which are: All contacts, Contacts with whom I have conversations and Custom.

Methods to change the number on your account
There are two ways to change your number in the messaging service. The first is uninstalling WhatsApp from the phone and when activating it again, add your current phone number.

In the second option, you just have to go to Settings> Account> Change number. Then, you must click on ‘Next’ , two spaces will appear to add the old and the new number. Click on ‘Next’ again and the change will have been made.

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