What does the flirtatious smile face emoji on WhatsApp mean and when should you use it?

If you are used to using this peculiar emoji on WhatsApp and you do not know its true meaning, here we will tell you what it is really for.

face emoji
face emoji

Currently, it is common to replace words or phrases with an emoji that expresses exactly what is meant. WhatsApp has made its catalogue of emoticons available to everyone, which are available on both Android and iPhone phones. However, there are a large number of icons whose true meaning we do not know. Do you want to know what they really express? Here we tell you.

One of the most used in WhatsApp and other messaging apps is the emoji with a mischievous smile that belongs to the yellow faces section. In this graph, we can see a cunning, smug, mischievous and even suggestive facial expression. He has a half smile, arched eyebrows and eyes looking to the side.

According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, users can apply this famous emoji when they are flirting with the woman or man they like, but they must be careful because it can also be used for sexual innuendos.

The flirtatious smiling face emoji could be confused with the not amused face icon, which has similar eyes but a pouting mouth. It is worth mentioning that it has a variant of a cat with an ironic smile.

The popular WhatsApp emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. Despite having the same encoding, each platform, be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, can vary the design of each emoticon. to suit your operating system or interface.

WhatsApp receives the function to add contacts with QR code on Android phones

Through the WABetaInfo portal, it was announced that WhatsApp would receive the new function that allows users to add contacts using a QR code. This long-awaited feature was only available in the iOS beta. However, a recent report indicates that it can also be used on Android phones.

WhatsApp had recently enabled support for QR codes in the latest iOS beta updates in TestFlight and this Friday WhatsApp is officially rolling out the feature to all Android beta testers.

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