Trump accuses Google of “manipulating” with bad news about him

Trump accuses Google of manipulating with bad news about him
Trump accuses Google of manipulating with bad news about him

US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Google’s results are “manipulated” because searches of “Trump News” always offer negative stories about him, an allegation that the Internet giant denied.

The US president has attacked the giants of American social networks in recent days for allegedly censoring conservative voices, an accusation unfounded but widely admitted by his followers.

“Google’s search results for ‘Trump News’ show only the display / news of fake news media,” the president wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

“In other words, they have MANIPULATED it, for me and others, so that almost all the stories and news are BAD. The fraudulent CNN is prominent. The republican / conservative and just media are left out. Illegal?”.

According to Tump, “96% of the results of ‘Trump News’ are from left-wing national media,” which he calls “very dangerous”

“Google and others are suppressing the voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that are good. They are controlling what we can and can not see. This is a very serious situation, it will be addressed! ”

Google for its part emphatically denied Trump’s accusations.

“The search is not used to establish a political agenda and we do not skew our results towards any political ideology,” a company spokesperson said in an email after the president’s attack.

“Our goal is to make sure that users who search the Google engine receive the most relevant result in a few seconds,” the company insisted.

A Pew Research Center survey published in June revealed that 43% of Americans believe that leading technology firms endorse the views of liberals over that of conservatives, and 72% accepted the idea of ​​social networks actively censoring their views. opposing points of view.

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