TikTok: new filter transforms you into a manga character

Do you want to know how you would look in a manga comic? Now you can see it thanks to the new viral effect of the platform.

TikTok: new filter transforms you into a manga character

Social networks constantly provide striking news on their platforms so that their users can be entertained and stay connected for hours with their friends. One of the apps that most executes this type of action is TikTok, which now brings a new effect that will help you become the character of a manga.

At the moment, the filter has been released only for the United States region, although luckily there is a trick to be able to use it legally and safely without the need to create a North American account or download a dangerous app.

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You Can Try The New Effect In The Beta Version Of Tiktok. Photo: Anmosugoi

How to find the manga effect?

  • You must open the app from your cell phone
  • When you are on the TikTok platform, go to the trends option
  • Then click on the rectangle that says search
  • Write the word manga and select the second option
  • To be able to use the effect, press the red camera-shaped icon
  • The application will download the effect to your camera.

This effect is available to be used on humans, cats, and dogs, so you can apply it to have fun with your pets too. On the other hand, you should know that this effect has no relation to the filter that allows you to become an anime character in the Snapchat app.

What is the trick to access?

You just have to download the beta version of TikTok in the Play Store and give the corresponding permissions to access the platform that is used by developers in order to test new tools before releasing them to the general public.


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