The best Telegram bots: useful, simple and free

Telegram has dozens of curious but practical bots that will delight those who use this messaging app on a daily basis.

The best Telegram bots useful simple and free

On several occasions, I have highlighted that Telegram evolves every few months, introducing new features that make it indispensable, beyond its instant messaging options. And in this aspect, Telegram bots are helping to make it more complete with new features proposed by other users.

Thus, in addition to the official functions of Telegram, you can benefit from those provided by the bots. And they are so varied that you can find practically everything to expand the functions that Telegram already offers.

Some are fun or funny, but most are very useful for dealing with links or files or getting information in your day-to-day. For example, you can check the weather forecast, receive real-time news, or, as we saw not long ago, get YouTube videos.


Know what the weather is and what will be where you live. That’s what the Telegram Weathery bot is for, which will tell you the forecast for the next three days.

First, you will have to configure it to indicate the city or town for which you want to know the forecast. Unfortunately, you can only configure one.

From there, you will get the weather information when it is available in the conversation you have with this Telegram bot.

Map Bot

Along with meteorology, maps play an important role today. With Map Bot you can request maps of specific places and you will get the result instantly with the help of this Telegram bot.

The maps obtained come from various sources: OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Digital Globe, and Location IQ. You only have to indicate the place, geographical feature or approximate location.

You can use Map Bot in a private conversation or include it in a group to request maps from multiple users.

Temp Mail

To combat spam, we are sometimes forced to use temporary email accounts. Either that or provide your own email and expose yourself to spam.

Temp Mail is a bot that allows you to use temporary email accounts to fill out forms on pages you don’t know about or suspect will spam you.

The service is anonymous since it does not ask you for personal data. Otherwise, it uses the temporary mail service

The Feed Reader Bot

If you want to be up to date without having to go to all your sources, try The Feed Reader Bot, a tool that allows you to follow RSS feeds. Thus, you will be able to obtain news or articles as they have been published in your reference media thanks to a practical Telegram bot.

Additionally, you can also receive real-time posts from your favorite Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts and profiles. You can even import your RSS feeds from an OPML file.

The commands of this Telegram bot include the possibility of seeing the list of sources you follow or searching for new sources that the bot itself has indexed.

Reverse Search Bot

To finish this selection of Telegram bots, we propose a bot that allows you to perform a reverse search. It’s called Reverse Search Bot and it works with images, GIF animations, and stickers.

Let’s say you find an image or GIF and you don’t know where it came from or what it refers to. Send it to this bot and it will show you similar results so you can find the original source or explanation of that sticker or photo.

The bot is specialized for anime, but you can use it for all kinds of images

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