Telegram can continue to be used in Brazil: they revoke the suspension after the app blocked accounts that spread disinformation

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Brazil has revoked the order that suspended the use of  in the country, after it complied with court requests to block accounts that allegedly spread disinformation .

Recall that Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram responded on Friday to the Court’s position, pointing out that it had been a problem in the mail used for official communication. On Saturday, March 19, Judge Alexandre de Moraes set a deadline of Sunday, March 20 for the orders to be followed, which Telegram finally complied with.

Over the weekend, Telegram dedicated itself to complying with the Court’s instructions, including deleting classified information shared by President Jair Bolsonaro’s account and deleting the accounts of one of his supporters, who had been singled out for spreading misinformation .

Telegram goes beyond court request

Although this was enough in the eyes of the court, the app took seven additional steps to combat disinformation, something that has been a matter of concern for Brazilian officials ahead of the October presidential election.

Among these measures , Telegram pointed out that they would begin to promote verified information in Brazil, in addition to marking false publications as inaccurate . The company’s employees would also monitor the 100 most popular channels in the country.

The application has always been willing to collaborate with the authorities. What happened was a misunderstanding regarding communication

Alan Thomaz, Telegram lawyer in Brazil

The ban never fully went into effect , as internet providers, wireless carriers, as well as and had been given five days to comply, which were ultimately not needed.


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