Spark, the acclaimed iOS email client, lands on Android officially

spark email hero galaxy s10
spark email hero galaxy s10

nToday is a sad day and, at the same time, joyful. On the one hand, Google has closed Inbox, its smart email application. On the other hand, and after a long adventure in iOS, Readdle has launched Spark on Android officially. For those who do not know, Spark is one of the most popular email applications in the App Store with a score of 4.6 stars and more than one million users.

Spark’s weapons are several, but the main one is the intelligence applied to the management of electronic mail. We will know more about it now, but it should be noted that it is entirely free, without ads and any micropayment.

Your inbox, smarter
There are three main points of Spark, being the first of them alert notifications. Spark only sends you a notification when you receive an email from someone critical, thus avoiding the bombing of additional warnings. For example, you will receive information if your partner writes to you, but you will not receive notices of those newsletters to which you are subscribed without knowing exactly why.

Spark prioritises and notifies essential emails, which allows receiving fewer notifications and having the mail better organised

Not winning the information does not mean that you can not access all the emails from within the application, where, by the way, there is more “magic”. Spark prioritises important emails and places them at the top, leaving the less important ones below. Above you will have the real people (your boss, your partner, your family) and below the marketing emails, notifications, etc. The interesting point is that you can delete them all at once by sliding sideways.

Spark also has a series of exciting additions that the company has dubbed “superpowers. ” Some of the most interesting is to postpone or send later, which serves to schedule the shipment at the time you want. It is also possible to anchor important emails in the upper area and intelligently search through your entire inbox, which allows you to find the email you are looking for more quickly and easily.

It should be noted that Spark also allows the writing of collaborative emails. You can invite other users so that, together, you can write the email, discuss it privately and even share it through a link through any application with the rest of the team to give their opinion.

In search of the parity of functions between operating systems
If you already use Spark on an iOS device, you probably miss some features, such as integration with third parties, the calendar, quick replies or email templates. From Readdle ensure that achieving parity of functions between iOS and Android “is our top priority”, so it will be a matter of time that Spark is completed. They assure that “these functions will be deployed on Android very soon”.

Although in iOS has more features, the company is working on getting the Android app to be just as complete
As you can see, Spark is a comprehensive application that has won the approval of iOS users and now comes to Android to fill the gap left by Inbox. Spark is entirely free, without ads and compatible with any device with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, so you will surely have no problem accessing it.

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