Respect and make yourself respected: a healthy relationship

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Signs of a healthy relationship

Respect each other.
Feel that the relationship makes the two better people.
Share mutual interests, but still have friends and activities outside the relationship.
Resolve disagreements peacefully and with respect.
Every relationship should make both parties happy. When you are with your partner you should feel good.

They consult what they are going to do. Neither one tries to control the other. Common interest They like to do things together, but neither of them feels obliged to do something. If they have a disagreement – and it is normal to have them – they can both say what they feel, talk until they solve things and then do what they both have planned. Do things together and separately They both enjoy each other’s company and are happy when they are together. Both feel free to have their own friends and interests outside of the relationship. How to make your relationship healthier. Respect each other Share your thoughts and feelings. Listen to what your partner has to say.

Find out about the other person’s interests
Talk about sports, music, movies or anything else that helps them get to know each other better.

Have your own life outside of the relationship
One person feels more attracted to another when everyone has their own interests. Keep school activities, friends and hobbies in which your partner does not participate.

Resolve disagreements with love and respect
Two people do not always have to agree about the movies, the music or the sports they like the most. They do not even have to agree with the number of times they should be called or seen. It is natural that they have disagreements. The important thing is how to reach an agreement. With a good attitude, they may have a “healthy disagreement”.

Signs of a sick relationship
Feelings of fear, stress and sadness are not part of a healthy relationship.

You accept something even though you feel it is not right. You do not feel good when you are together.

You feel repressed
Your partner does not let you perform well in school or makes you feel guilty about doing the things you like or care about.

You feel that you are controlled
You may hear things like these: “If you love me, I need you to let me know where you are going to be.” Your partner does not care about your friends.

Feeling “madly in love”
One of the two, or both, calls the other all the time. You feel that your partner is possessive and suffocating.

Your partner blames you for your problems
You often hear things like this: “It’s all your fault.”

Feeling jealous almost all the time
It is normal to feel a little jealous. But the relationship will be damaged if they let themselves be dominated by jealousy.

Try to change the other person’s behavior
One of the two says to the other: “You have to do things my way”.

If you can talk to your partner and solve problems, a sick relationship can become healthy. But if they fail to enjoy the time they spend together, maybe it’s time to end that relationship.

Go beyond the limits
There are things that should never happen in a relationship. Your relationship will have serious problems if any of these things are happening.

Verbal abuse
It is never right to shout, be offended, intimidated or insulted.

Pushing, hitting or kicking the other person’s rage

Try to control the other person’s behavior
Force the other person to have sex
You should always have the right to refuse to give attention or affection.

If one of the two does not get what he wants, he threatens to hurt himself or hurt the other person.

Break or throw objects during an argument or fight
If your relationship is transgressing any of these limits, the behavior must be stopped immediately or the relationship must end. If you are having trouble ending the relationship, seek the help of an adult who cares about your well-being.

Talk to a trusted adult about how to end an abusive relationship safely. Use what you have learned to try to make your next relationship better.
There are no excuses for abuse
Nothing you say or do is a reason to be treated badly
When things have calmed down, you can tell your partner things like these:

“I can not stand you insulting me. Do not do it again. ”
“Do not treat me like this again. I do not deserve you to do this to me. ”
“If you are angry, tell me and I can help you. You do not get anything out of screaming and swearing. ”
“If you ever treat me like this again, it’s all over between us.”
Obedience is not respect
Nothing someone says or does is a reason to be abusive
You deserve to be loved and respected. Using force, power or control only makes you get what you want. This is not the way to make you respect.

If you dominate or mistreat your partner it is possible that you get what you want, but you lose the respect, support and love of your partner.
If you are crossing the limits, STOP.
If you can not stop, seek help.

A teacher, mentor or school counselor can help you learn to treat your partner with respect.
A spiritual leader or an adult from an activity or club outside the school can help you control emotions such as anger or jealousy and avoid abusive behaviors.
By changing your behavior, you will get the true respect, support and love you deserve.

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