Scientists Discover The Benefits For Your Life Of Reducing The Use Of Social Networks

Social networks can be very good, but there are many benefits of reducing their use, according to a new scientific study.

Social Media

The rise of social networks have transformed the way we relate to others, and while they have much potential to improve our lives, their excessive use can have adverse effects on our lives, which would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. The addiction to likes is real, and some scientists want to find the solution.

Although social networks connect us and keep us in touch with our loved ones, this dependence can be a burden. Being “disconnected” from social networks seems unthinkable today, but a group of scientists studied 50 people who are not part of any social network, to learn how they are different from those that make frequent use of them.

The study’s directors, Rowland Atkinson, of the University of Sheffield and Mariann Hardey, of the University of Durham, assure that none of the participants used social networks at any time during the study.


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