Japan: Ryzen processors are sold in vending machines

Another world. The new Ryzen is a sensation everywhere, including Asia. The demand is such that vendors in Japan have set up vending machines.


It is known that in Japan there are somewhat different ways of consuming goods than in the West, but what has just been made viral on social networks attracts much more attention. It turns out that in that country the demand for new Ryzen 5000 of AMD is such that many businesses have chosen to distribute through vending machines like beverages are treated.

The new 5000 series Ryzen CPUs are being a hit in many parts of the world, including Germany, where three out of four processors were AMD branded in July (according to Mindfactory figures). Now, sales of these chips in Japan are replicating the good figures of the Old World.

It is worth noting that AMD has achieved good results in Japan since the Ryzen 3000 series (based on Zen 2) was launched there. Since then, Lisa Su’s company was able to match Intel and even surpass it, especially with the current 5000 series, which is preferred by many gamers in the Asian country.

Now, on social networks and video portals such as Facebook and YouTube, a series of videos of passers-by who curiously filmed the new vending machines that some businesses have filled with these Ryzen CPUs have begun to go viral.

The fact does not stop highlighting the particular Japanese culture, which not only usually offers hundreds of products in this way but also stands out for the safety of its streets. Each of these processors costs hundreds of dollars and, although they have strong security, there is the possibility that a criminal could break the glass and take a lot of money in merchandise.

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