Intel claims it beats AMD and will pressure Nvidia

Clear and direct. The CEO of one of the largest microprocessor companies had no qualms about his competitors.


Intel, the company that has dominated much of the microprocessor market for almost the entire personal computer era, has been faced with unprecedented challenges in recent years. AMD’s breakthrough and Nvidia’s foray into closer sectors threaten its already fragile hegemony. On this, the CEO himself commented and had no qualms about mentioning his rivals.

In a recent interview, both the CEO and CFO of the company touched on the new segments they are targeting with the newly announced products. These include dedicated video cards, x86 data centers, and cloud solutions like Alder Lake and Diamond Rapids.

However, if something stood out from the interventions of both, it was the specific mention of their greatest adversaries: AMD and Nvidia. Pat Gelsinger (CEO), for example, noted that Alder Lake will bring three Zen-like innovations.

“One of these innovations will be the heterogeneous architecture (HSA) itself, with large and small cores. AMD has nothing like that,” he said. The Alder Lake CPUs will have high-performance cores and a more energy-efficient version with large cores, increasing efficiency and providing greater multithreaded output results.

He also mentioned Nvidia, a company that has been getting closer and closer to the processor market with its attempt to buy from ARM. Intel recently announced its own line of dedicated graphics cards, a market that Nvidia and AMD have dominated in duopoly for nearly two decades.

The representatives say that, with their video cards, they seek to attack all segments: desktop PCs and laptops with discrete but mobile graphics. The Xe-HPG ARC line is expected to arrive in early 2022.

Finally, both made clear the intention of the company to dominate the spectrum of the cloud, to achieve better executions. Intel recognizes the threat from AMD and that was the case ever since Brian Krzanich called them a formidable competition. Our job is not to allow them to reach a market share of between 15% and 20%.

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