In Dragon Ball Z, Daniella Chavez plays Android 18

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Daniella Chavez
Daniella Chavez

On Twitter, he told his admirers that he feels like android number 18, the renowned character from Dragon Ball Z, which he does resemble.

Many Internet users agreed that the famous Chilean model, Daniella Chávez, looks a lot like the Dragon Ball Z character, Android number 18, especially when we compare the photographs she shared with us on Twitter with the character, who has almost no hair. The same color, blonde, and length.

The images drew the attention of thousands of people who gave him “likes”2 and many more who took it upon themselves to distribute the content so that others might see it; additionally, the comments were many and collected one after the other, all of them good.

The famous Influencer appears to have very good taste, appreciating Japanese animation series and drawing influence from her look, which is one of the most attractive in the entire program, with Krillin being the envy of all, and for very good reasons.

Android 18 Makeup Tutorial | Dbz - Youtube

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