Netflix: 3 series that are causing a furor on the platform


Today we will introduce you to 3 unmissable series that are causing great furor within the famous Netflix platform.

Today we will introduce you to 3 unmissable series that are causing great furor within the famous Netflix platform , so continue reading so you don’t miss anything this weekend.

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There is no doubt that in the Netflix catalog there are thousands of series available to subscribers.

However, of all of them, only some manage to cause a sensation among the subscribers of the platform of the streaming giant .

This is how in that category are the three productions that we want to recommend to you this Friday, March 17.

In this way, a national comedy, a South Korean revenge drama and a Spanish drama in this list of series that we recommend you to watch on Netflix today.

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1.Palermo Division

Palermo Division is an inclusive urban guard devised as a marketing operation to improve the image of security forces.

While everyone tries to understand what function it fulfills, this guard accidentally comes face to face with a strange criminal gang.

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2 .The Glory

Many years after being brutally assaulted in high school, a woman sets in motion an elaborate revenge plan to make those responsible pay for their crimes.

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This Spanish series revolves around Tirso Abantos, an ex-soldier who runs a neighborhood hardware store and after a family incident is forced to take care of his granddaughter Irene for a time, a young woman of Vietnamese origin, rebellious and rebellious whose daughter de Tirso is unable to control.

The clash between grandfather and granddaughter is total and coexistence is complicated from the first moment.

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