How to report a stolen car

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In the United States, knowing how to report a stolen car increases the chances that authorities can find it faster.

Although many people do not consider it, knowing how to report a stolen car can be very useful, considering the fact that it is one of the most common crimes in the United States. Every year, the reports increase no matter where it is, although they tend to be much more alarming in large cities. According to the authorities, reporting as soon as possible is the best alternative that an affected person can consider . In this way, the chances of finding the vehicle the same day or in the following days are increased. The more time that passes without a report being issued, the greater opportunity criminals have to hide their tracks and go unpunished.

What are the steps to report a stolen car in the United States?

When a car is stolen in the United States, there are several steps or recommendations that must be carried out and that involve not only the authorities, but also the insurance company . According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), such steps are as follows:

1. As has already been said, the first hours are essential, the faster the complaint is issued, the better. In this sense, when you find out that the car was stolen, it is important to call the local police to make the corresponding report . According to NICB data, when a report is made in the first few hours, there is a 35% probability of recovering the vehicle the same day and a 45% probability of recovering it in the following days.

2. During the report, it is necessary to provide all the information corresponding to the vehicle : make, model, color, registration number and VIN code . If the system has a geolocation system (GPS), it is important to notify the authorities.

3. File a claim with the insurance company . This claim can be made over the phone, online, or through an insurance agent, depending on company policies. In most cases, it is necessary to have the police report on hand in order to complete this step.

4. After making the claim, wait some time for the insurer to process it . Often these companies will wait a few days, in case the vehicle turns up.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that, in order to make a claim to the insurer, you must have a comprehensive policy that covers theft or damage . In that sense, people who only have a civil liability policy —the minimum allowed in the United States— probably will not receive any type of compensation for this type of event, since they would only be covered for loss or damage resulting from traffic accidents. .

After the entire complaint process and possible recovery of the vehicle , it is likely that auto insurance rates will increase for the affected party.

How to prevent my car from being stolen in the United States?

The best solution for car theft is prevention. Therefore, some recommendations can be taken into account that will be very useful to avoid being victims of this crime:

1. Before leaving the car, it is important to hide all valuables that will remain inside.
2. Roll up the windows to the maximum before closing the doors.
3. Never leave the keys inside the vehicle, much less attached to it while it is on.
4. Lock all doors when exiting the vehicle.
5. Park in crowded or well-lit places.
6. Install audible and visible alarms, immobilizers or another system that allows the vehicle to be protected.

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