Kristal Silva, thank you. Are you planning to divorce? She takes care of it

Kristal Silva
Kristal Silva

Following the divorces and separations of Mexican television anchors, Kristal Silva was forced to break the silence and clarify whether she, too, is a divorcee.

Following the controversial separations of Tania Rincón, Andrea Legarreta, and Galilea Montijo from their respective partners, the controversy reached Kristal Silva, the imposing host of the Venga La Alegra program, who was also said to be in the same situation with her husband, but she herself clarifies the reality.

Kristal Silva

As you may know, Kristal Silva has only been married for a year and a half to the love of her life, Luis ngel Garza, with whom she has been in a relationship for just over 16 years. I even supported her when she represented Mexico in Miss Universe in 2016. Her marriage, on the other hand, is believed to be hanging by a thread.

This Monday, the TV Azteca personality got the opportunity to address the reports about their purported split. Kristal Silva couldn’t avoid the media when attending a dinner for a major international magazine, and she finally broke her silence about it.


Kristal Silva


Before Kristal revealed what her reality is in the intimacy of her marriage, the host mentioned another famous couple: Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodrguez, her ex-partner in conducting Venga La Alegra and one of her best friends, with whom she shared her experience during the pregnancy of the also singer.

What garnered the most attention was when Kristal Silva was asked if she, like her friend Cynthia Rodrguez, plans to become a mother, but to everyone’s astonishment, the former beauty queen said adamantly no, saying that she does not believe the moment is right for her to do so.


“Of course, I want León to have his little partner, but right now I’m still relaxed, I want to continue sharing with my husband, who by the way was already divorcing me, it was very funny because we’ve still been married for a year and a half, we want to enjoy the marriage, keep getting to know each other, we want to wait maybe two more years,” Kristal said.”


With this statement, the host gave rise to debate about the idea that she was “divorced” from her spouse, and from the tone of her laughter, she implied that it was all simply erroneous theories, despite the fact that she herself made it plain how You are now in love.

In this way, Kristal Silva made it plain that she is not in the process of divorcing her husband, much less that she intends to separate from him, because, as she stated, she aspires to become a mother in two years with Luis ngel Garza.


“People get involved in the news, in the rumors, about the fact that colleagues in the media are going through a situation like that and they want to divorce me with that intention, because they know perfectly well that I have a very long relationship, more than 16 years together, I just laugh at the notes, the sad thing is that many people believe it, but here they see me with the ring,” he said with great pride.”

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