How to pass a text from PDF to Word without completely messing it up?

Thousands of people are looking for the best way to convert text from PDF to Word, but few manage to do it without affecting the structure of the document.

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How to pass a text from PDF to Word without completely messing it up?

The PDF (an acronym for Portable Document Format) is perhaps the most versatile and flexible in terms of files with simple text documents, images, and links. Even so, although they provide a lot of practicality, modifying them is, at the same time, one of the most tedious tasks if we do not have the appropriate tools. Many try to do it using Word but fail when they come across the clutter generated when going from one structure to another, due to the difference in formats. Luckily, there is a secret trick to do it without complications and here we will teach you.

The PDF format has a fairly widespread standardization, but that does not mean that every application will understand it equally. The classic example is Word. When we try to open one of these documents in the word processor, a line break is usually inserted at the end of each one, and this is only for when we copy text.

That may not be a major problem if we only copy a paragraph, but if what we are trying to do is move an entire multi-page document, the nightmare begins, since many more of these line breaks were created that we will have to eliminate one by one.

Fortunately, there is a very simple tool that solves this problem without complications, but it would force us to go to the web and download files for a task that should be included in a word processor as advanced as Word. The good news is that there is, it just isn’t as well known.

How to Copy and Paste Text from PDF to Word Without Clutter

This trick was recently discovered by history doctor Alice Hicklin, who revealed the method on her Twitter account. There he wrote: “If you copy a lot of texts from PDF files to Word as I do, I hope this tip can be useful to you. If the PDF ends up split over many lines, you don’t need to fix it manually. Just go to Find and Replace, type ‘ ^ p ‘ (without quotes) in search and space in replace”.

To perform this trick even faster, just open the Find and Replace box with the shortcut combination Control + L, and now you will be able to copy texts from PDF to Word without further complication.

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