How to edit a video from your smartphone that does not have a watermark?

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 1
Best Video Editing Apps for Android 1

Having a video editor on your smartphone or tablet has become essential for those who upload content to , , TikTok, among other social networks. The problem is that most applications show a watermark that gives an unprofessional appearance and that you can only remove by paying for the premium version. Is there a solution?

A few months ago, the Chinese company ByteDance (the owners of TikTok) launched CapCut, an application available on Android and iOS that has become very popular among content creators, because it allows you to edit videos very easily. Not only that, since its watermark is non-invasive and can be removed, without the person having to pay a subscription.

How is it used?

Like other editors for cell phones, CapCut recognizes the videos that you have saved in the internal memory. Once the amounts you will see that you have several tools such as cutting, increasing speed, adding text or stickers, adding effects, filters, among other features that you can use for free since it does not have a paid version.

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Capcut Interface. Photo: The Republic

Once you finish editing you will see that you can export it in 1080p, 720p or 480p. If you want the result to have the best resolution, it is advisable to choose the highest option. In case you want to send the video by or another messaging platform, you will have to select the last one, you could also lower the frames per second (fps) so that the file does not weigh much.


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