How to check photos, videos and other documents from your USB on your smartphone?

If you have to copy an important file from your USB, but you don’t have a computer nearby, this simple trick will be very useful for you.

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You can only use this trick if you have an Android smartphone. Photo: ADSLZone

To access the content stored inside a USB memory, it is essential that this gadget is connected to a desktop PC or laptop. However, what few know is that there is a trick to review those files from a smartphone or tablet. Would you like to know how? Here we are going to teach you.

It is worth noting that this trick does not work with iPhones, Apple smartphones, only with devices that use the Android operating system. However, keep in mind that some cell phones may not be compatible with this feature. To verify it, follow these steps:

How to find out if your smartphone is compatible?

1. Enter the Play Store, the Android application store, and download an application called USB OTG Checker.

2. Once installed, this program will analyze your smartphone and verify if it can recognize a USB or not.

3. If a green check appears on the screen, you can do it. If you get an X, that means your team does not meet the requirements.

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If You Try To Copy A File That Is Larger Than 4 Gb, An Error Message Will Appear. Photo: Hardware Guide

What do you need to connect a USB to a cell phone?

If you have already verified that your Android smartphone supports this feature, then you will need to purchase a USB OTG cable. This connects to the charging port of your phone and will allow you to review photos, videos, documents, among other types of content in memory

Keep in mind that the USB must be in FAT32 format for it to be recognized without problems. Also, you should keep in mind that this practice will consume your cell phone’s battery faster, so it is advisable to use it only for a short period of time.

Do you have a very large file and you cannot save it to your USB? Here is the solution to your problem

Total surprise. Most people prefer to buy large capacity USB as it allows them to store a lot of photosvideosmusic, etc. However, there are times when it is impossible to record very large files, which exceed 4GB, which is curious since the memory has available space. What is the cause of this problem? Here we explain it to you.

In general, this drawback is suffered by those people who want to save something that exceeds 4 GB in weight, it can be a movie, the ISO image of a game, etc. Even if you try to save that file on a USB 8, 16, or 32 GB of storage (which has enough space) you will get an error.

Why should you be very careful when charging your smartphone on public USB ports?

The public USB ports have become a relief for millions of people since they allow battery charging their smartphones; However, you must be very careful when connecting your smartphone or tablet, as some of these could have been altered by cybercriminals who seek to install malicious code on your mobile device. How to avoid it? Here are some useful tips.

As detailed by Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, this type of attack is known as juice-jacking and consists of modifying the public USB charging ports (taking advantage of their popularity) so that they infect devices (tablets or cell phones) with malware. to connect. In this way, cyber hackers can steal all our information.

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These Usb Ports Could Have Been Tampered With By Cybercriminals. Photo: Xataka

How to put a password to the USB so that nobody checks your files if you lose it?

USB memories, especially those that have a large amount of storage, are important devices for users, since they serve to store photos, videos, music, among other files, which can be moved to another computer very easily; just connect the pen drive and copy its content. Is there a way to protect that information?

Believe it or not, there are several programs that will help you set a password to any USB memory or external hard drive. In this way, if you ever lose this gadget, rest assured that they will not be able to see your files since to unlock them they will have to enter a key.

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These Apps Not Only Encrypt Usb, They Also Work With External Memory. Photo: La Sexta

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