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Spider-Man: No Way Home, how to avoid spoilers without deleting your social networks

The anticipation generated by the possible participation of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire alongside Tom Holland forced fans to move away from their digital social life to avoid spoiling their surprise.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, how to avoid spoilers without deleting your social networks

Depending on the region or country, there are only days or hours until the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, however, certain details have already been leaked on social networks because the gala premiere in Los Angeles, United States took place on December 13. This type of information is called a “spoiler”.

While some fans of the Marvel arachnid enjoy finding out before anyone else the details of the film, others have already begun to abandon their social networks and even uninstall applications so that no meme, comment, or video will ruin the surprise that the long-awaited promises premiere.

However, whether due to work or communication needs, not all people can choose to move away from their digital social life until they go to the movies. In addition, there are fans who will not be able to see the premiere this December 15 but several days, and even weeks, later.

These are some of the alternatives to avoid – as far as possible – all kinds of filtration or spoilers of Spider-Man: No Way Home without the need to completely abandon social networks:

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These Are Some Tips To Avoid Spoilers (Photo: Twitter / Sony / Andrésnavy)


The first recommendation would be not to enter the “Trends” section, as there are keywords, spoilers, and opinions regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home; such as the hashtag #SpiderManNoWayHome or the last names of the actors without confirmed participation, that is Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who gave life to Peter Parker in previous years.

On the other hand, this social network offers the option to block and silence the appropriate words so that the spoiler content is automatically “censored” and no tweet related to Spider-Man: No Way Home appears at the start of this social network. . These are the 7 steps to achieve it:

1. Within the Twitter application, click on your profile photo to display the main menu. If you are on a computer, you must click on “More options” under the menu already broken down.

2. Subsequently, access the “Settings and privacy” option.

3. Within that menu, click on “Privacy and security”.

4. Next you must click on “Mute and Block”.

5. In this section you must select the option “Silenced words” and click on the “+” sign to add your own filters. The option allows you to set how long you want to keep them and the origin of said words or phrases. It is recommended to configure it as shown in the following image.

6. The recommended words for these filters are: “spidermannowayhome”, “Andrew Garfield”, “PeterParker”, “Spider-verse”, “spider man”, “marvel”, “spoiler”, “Spider man no way home” or “Tobey Maguire.”

7. Finally, your Twitter “Home” should be clean of all kinds of spoilers, since you would have filtered the words related to the topic, the configuration can be undone at any time and it works for all kinds of preferences.

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It Is Not Yet Confirmed Whether Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Will Act Alongside Tom Holland (Photo: Sony Pictures)


In this social network, people begin to upload recorded scenes of the cinema, publish their reviews, generate videos disguised as a trend but they are previews or tell funny experiences watching the movie. So these would be ways to “get rid” of spoilers:

– Temporarily stop following content creators who talk about comics, Marvel, action movies, and cinema in general.

– Do not watch videos in the “For you” section since content from anyone sneaks in there, prefer the “Following” section to only view accounts of your preferences.

-Hold down any video that is minimally related to Spider-Man: No Way Home and then click on “I’m not interested”, this reduces the probability that the TikTok algorithm will show you spoiler content.


-Ideally, your friends or family respect your desire to reach the cinema without spoilers, but if you have acquaintances capable of playing a joke on you, then avoid reviewing the “States”.

-As far as possible, limit yourself to reviewing your most important or essential chats; Put aside group conversations, especially if the theme is related to comics, Marvel, action movies, and cinema in general.

– Adjust the settings so that nothing is downloaded automatically; this way if someone sends you a scene fragment from Spider-Man: No Way Home, you won’t see it This is accomplished as follows:

1. Within the application where you see your conversations, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then on “Settings”.

2. Click on “Storage and data”, then in the “Download with Wi-Fi” section, uncheck the boxes so that no multimedia content is downloaded automatically.

3. This setting can be undone at any time and will allow you to “blur” the content before downloading it.

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Some Members Of The Cast During The Premiere (Photo: Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)


If you need to see a video unrelated to Spider-Man: No Way Home but you usually consume content about comics, Marvel, action movies, and cinema in general; then deactivate the “Automatic Play” option; This will prevent any recommendation with potential spoilers from starting by accident.

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