Google reveals trick to extend the battery life of your Android

Google reveals trick to extend the battery life of your Android
Google reveals trick to extend the battery life of your Android

Changes in the configuration of lighting and colors would be vital for smartphones to stay “alive” for more hours a day

Tired of your smartphone’s battery not reaching to meet your needs for much of the day? Do you have an Android device? Well, things could change.

The solution was given by Google a few days ago during the Android Dev Summit 2018 event, held in California. There, the technological giant revealed how the colors that some apps use could be related to the deterioration of the batteries of Android devices
Savings mode

How to save battery? Google revealed that using dark mode in some applications could be a big help. However, there would be a drawback: this type of savings is only available on AMOLED screens, but not on LCDs.

the key is that the AMOLED screens use diodes that emit light, so they do not use much energy when the black color is shown on their surface. In contrast, LCD screens have a layer that illuminates liquid crystals, causing the “color” factor to have no influence on energy consumption.


White, lethal to your battery

If in the previous point the way of saving was the dark mode, in this part Google revealed that white is the most damaging color for your mobile battery, it is the one that consumes the most energy and, unfortunately, is the most it is used.
Activating the dark mode

One way to activate the dark mode saving mechanism, on most Android devices, is from the system settings.

However, it should be noted that, many times, this mode is not complete, because it does not apply to all the apps you have installed on your mobile.

However, there would be a solution: resort to external applications.

Here are some examples:

1. Blue Light Filter: Nocturnal, Dromir Better

2. Nova Launcher

3. Twilight


Pie 9.0

One of the Android alternatives that does offer the most complete dark mode is found in the devices that have the 9.0 Pie operating system, which also allows you to rest your eyesight. But if you’re an Apple user, the answer is in iOS 12 devices, which offers intelligent color inversion.

On the other hand, certain applications and, even, web services, also offer the dark mode saving tool. A couple of them are YouTube and Twitter. Also, there are also extensions for browsers that enable this saving option.

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