Gmail: so you can send emails in confidential mode

Do you want your Gmail emails to be more secure? Then you must learn this sensational trick that will help you protect your messages.

Gmail: so you can send emails in confidential mode

Because it comes pre-installed on Android phones, Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world. The Big G platform is very useful for sharing or receiving messages that have to do with work or college classes. However, it can also happen that we have to send an email with sensitive information that cannot be seen by strangers. In this case, the solution is confidential mode and here we tell you how you can activate it.

Confidential mode is a function in Gmail that guarantees maximum privacy when sending an email. It is an ideal method to send sensitive or private information to another person so that only that person has the ability to open that email.

The confidential mode of Gmail protects that people outside the mail to which the message was sent have access to it, and thus take care of the privacy of what is sent without other people being able to use it for purposes of damaging the image of the person or company.

How to use confidential mode in Gmail?

To use this confidential mode in the Gmail application, you don’t have to complicate your life too much. First, you have to write the message, add the attachments you want to send if any, and enter the recipient of the email. To do so, follow these instructions:

-Open Gmail and click Compose

-At the bottom of the window, click Turn on confidential mode

-In Set expiration, click the down arrow and select a date.

-In Require password, choose one of these options:

  • No password by SMS: Recipients using Gmail will be able to open the message directly and others will receive a password by email.
  • Password by SMS: enter the recipient’s phone number to have a password sent to them by text message.

-Click Save.

-If you have selected Password by SMS, enter the recipient’s phone number.

-Click Submit.

How to open an email in confidential mode?

If it is an email that did not have a password, we can open it normally using the Gmail application on the phone. Although, when the date set by the creator of the email passes, that email will be automatically deleted from our inbox

If the email they have sent us has a password, then the most normal thing is that we receive it by SMS. We will have, in addition to the email, a text message with the password that we have to use.

Gmail: how to remove subscription and advertising emails?

It is common for users to receive emails of all kinds during the day in their Gmail inbox. Among the messages are those that interest us due to their relationship with our work centers or their academic nature and we also find emails whose content is advertising.

In Gmail, it is very easy to fall and subscribe to dozens of brand promotions almost without realizing it. If you buy something online and enter your details for the purchase, the brand gets your email to send you mass advertising messages. Fortunately, there is a secret trick that can help us prevent our inbox from filling up with these types of messages.

Gmail: how to activate dark mode on Android, iOS, and their web version?

Like other Google applications, such as YouTube and Google Maps, Gmail is also one of the services that allow its users to activate the demanded dark mode. However, most people do not know how you can do it on your Android phone, iOS, or from the computer.

In this sense, you should know that changing the Gmail theme settings to view messages on your mobile device more easily, will also allow you to extend the battery life. Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate the dark mode in Gmail.

How to send audios by Gmail emails?

As we indicated, you have to download a browser extension. Enter the link: There, go to the search bar and enter the name ‘Vocal-Send voice messages in Gmail’, or copy and paste it on the web page. Then follow the directions listed below:

  • Add the ‘Vocal-Send voice messages in Gmail’ extension to your Google Chrome account through the ‘Add extension’ button
  • Follow what the program tells you and install it correctly
  • By default, you will access the free version, which allows 100 voice messages per week and a maximum duration of 60 seconds per voice note
  • In parallel, open a new tab and enter your Gmail account
  • Press the ‘+’ icon to create a new message
  • In Edit, choose the microphone-shaped button and start recording your voice memo
  • Save the recording and attach it to your email and send it.


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