Gas, a teen-focused social networking platform, is purchased by Discord.

Gas app
Gas app

Social media apps provide a convenient way to communicate with friends and family, but they also make people more visible to bullies and creeps who harass random users. Even abandoned lovers may harass or stalk their former companions.

Although businesses have enhanced security screening to prevent such situations, it is insufficient. Additionally, social media sites have a tendency to inflate popularity based only on the quantity of likes and views.

This may significantly impact people’s mental health. People of the same age or qualification, or if they are friends or a distant family related, may feel stress if someone is doing well and flaunts images of their family in exotic locations or gets promoted to a higher classification in the company.

Gas on the App Store

The Gas app differs from other social media platforms in this regard. Users enjoy the good environment it provides, especially young students in their teens.

It provides a forum for friends and anonymous users to praise one another and reinforce the good things in life. The Nikita Bier-led app has experienced significant growth in the US for all the right reasons. And just as it appeared to have a chance to become well-known throughout the world, Discord bought the business.

Although there has been no formal announcement regarding the transaction’s specifics, the small Gap app team is going to Discord, where, happily, it will remain independent for the foreseeable future.

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We’re thrilled to announce today that Gas, the well-liked poll-based social software that enables friends to compliment one another, will be acquired by Discord. The main focus of Gas is to uplift and strengthen one another through encouraging words.

Its enormous success demonstrates the potential for developing a fun environment with purpose for kids. The founders of Gas have a track record of developing engaging products and experiences, so we are excited to collaborate with them to advance things “Phibi, who manages the Discord community blog, stated.

We’re delighted to welcome Gas to the Discord community as our next step toward realizing our vision of an inclusive world where no one feels alienated “I added Phibi.

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Only the Apple App Store now offers the Gas app, which has been downloaded more than five million times (as of November 2022). And has more than a million users who are active.

Nikita Bier founded the similar ‘tbh’ app before he created the Gas app. Later, in 2017, Facebook (now known as Meta) bought it. It too offered comparable poll options and anonymous compliments to users. tbh had 2.5 million active users and five million downloads at the time of acquisition.

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