Fortnite Season 8: how to craft parallel weapons after update

Fortnite is one of the most competitive video games, so many are interested in adding resources to create more powerful weapons than regular ones.

New Weapons To Craft In Fortnite Season 8

Some time ago Fortnite introduced manufacturing or crafting for the first time. The options were limited and few players were interested in using this tool to improve their performance. Now, with Season 8, the developers at Epic Games have added more weapons and materials to make crafting worthwhile.

The most recent Fortnite patch added new weapons called Parallel that is noticeably more powerful than the normal alternatives you’ll find on the map. These weapons are looting parallel areas.

Going to these areas is likely to find parts of monsters from the cube, the new material that you can use to improve your parallel weapons.

Crafting can be done through the regular crafting menu, which you can access by pressing up on your D-Pad. That will open the inventory and you will need to switch to the creation tab from there. The menu items should guide you through the process if you have enough crafting items.

Note that to craft other items, you will need to gather the required crafting materials, such as nuts and bolts. When doing the crafting, check that you do not have enemies in the area as there will be a small animation. It is best to do it in a building.

FORTNITE | The Sideways

Fortnite’s The Sideways is a Stranger Things crossover that mirrors The Upside Down from the show. Players can enter this dimension through various locations on the map. The locations that players can use to enter Sideways vary from match to match.

Players can enter Sideways through the large orange bubble on the map. Players must first determine what location the Sideways is in by checking the map and then landing there and entering the Sideways, but they will need weapons and ammo before entering.


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