Do you get calls from unknown numbers and do they hang up when you answer? So you can find out who they are and block them

Know how to use it. If you usually get calls from strangers who hang up when you answer, feel free to use this simple trick that is already trending.

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TrueCaller works on Android and iPhone. Photo: Meristation

Calls from strange numbers are reported daily by millions of users, as they claim that they hang up as soon as one answers the phone. If it has happened to you and you are tired of being disturbed at any time, you will be excited to know that there is an application that reveals the identity of that person, it even makes it possible for you to block them so that they do not mark you. Do you know how? We explain it to you.

As detailed by Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, this type of call is known as SPAM and can be made by a telephone company that seeks to improve your plan, banks that want you to be their client, among other companies that want to offer you something. , although they can also be made by criminals.

To find out the identity of the people who make these mysterious calls, the aforementioned medium recommends installing anti-spam applications. The most recommended, which is available on Android and iPhone, is called TrueCaller and here we are going to teach you how to use it.

How to install TrueCaller?

1. Enter the Play Store or App Store and download the application.

2. Once installed, it will ask you for access to your contact list, the call manager, among other options. Give it all the permissions.

3. Then it will ask you to validate your account. To do this, you will have to enter your phone number and wait for a verification call.

4. Before you can use it, it will also ask you to create an account, you can do it using your Facebook or Google account.

How is TrueCaller used?

Using this application is super simple since you will not have to make any changes in the configuration to know who is calling you. As soon as you receive the call from a strange number, TrueCaller will see it in its calendar (which is fed with the data of its users) and will show you the identity of the person or company.

On some occasions, TrueCaller cannot display the name of a known person or company, but warnings such as SPAM call, call and hang up, or any other phrase that users used to register that annoying number that calls them non-stop.

Additionally, TrueCaller has an option that allows you to block SPAM calls, in this way, your phone will no longer ring and interrupt at the least expected moments. Although this app is free, it also has a premium version to unlock some additional features.

Other technological tips

How to access the documents that are on your computer using your Android phone or iPhone?

As detailed by Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, this method will be very useful in case there is no person in your house who can send you the file to an email or upload it to the cloud.

What should you do?

1. First we must link our computer and phone.

2. Press the Windows icon (lower left corner), choose the nut icon and you will see the Settings.

3. A window will appear with many options, you have to choose System.

4. On the left side of your screen you will see several tabs, look for one called Remote Desktop.

5. By default, this option will be disabled. You have to activate it.

6. If you have an Android, you must install the application Remote Desktop 8 (developed by Microsoft ) on your phone.

7. If you have an iPhone, you have to download the same official application found in the App Store.

8. Once you have installed the app, open it and accept all the permissions.

9. Press the ‘+’ icon and choose Add PC.

10. Choose your PC and then enter your IP. Press Save and you’re done.

Does your cell phone get too hot? Follow these tricks and avoid it

Do not use non-original chargers

This you may have heard many times, but it is never enough. Chargers for all types of cell phones have a voltage and amperage designed for that specific equipment. If you charge it with another, those small differences will not do your battery any favors in the long run, causing more frequent overheating.

Don’t play so much

The phones are spectacular, but we must not abuse them. Many may be at the height of giving you a first-rate gaming experience, with good graphics, effects, and resolution, but remember that the person in charge of all that visual wonder is that small processor inside your phone.

What happens when there are so many objects, textures, and animations to calculate in real-time? Well, the processor, GPU, and RAM work at full speed, as if it were a real gaming PC. Consider giving your phone 30-minute breaks if you notice it getting too hot.

Never put your cell phone in a refrigerator

Don’t do it with the battery either. If you do, it can collect moisture and damage it internally. The only option to cool it manually is using a fan or air conditioner.

What is the little hole on the side of the laptops for?

According to Computer Hoy, a portal specialized in technology, this tiny hole was named in honor of the manufacturer, who decided not to patent his invention in order for others to benefit from it. How does it work?

According to the publication, the Kensington security connector allows the user to insert a security device (for example a padlock) and thus tie it to a fixed point, as is done with bicycles or motorcycles.

For example, if you find yourself using your laptop in a public place and need to leave it for a few minutes, you can use the Kensington Slot so that no one takes it. Unfortunately, you will have to buy the lock separately because laptop manufacturers do not usually include this device. Fortunately, most padlocks are not very expensive and are very strong, so taking your laptop will not be an easy task.

Why is it not suitable to charge your cell phone on your bed?

A cell phone is an important element today, as many people use it to communicate with family and friends; Furthermore, it can also become a platform to view multimedia content or even send emails or other tasks. However, this also generates bad habits in users who do not part with their phone.

Being a modern device, it accompanies us at all times, even when we sleep. Therefore, people often make the mistake of carrying their cell phones on the bed, without knowing the danger to which they are exposing themselves.

How to turn your smartphone into a metal detector? Here we show you

Android users took a great surprise, after discovering that most smartphones that work with the operating system developed by Google have an option that allows them to detect metals, however, it is disabled.

According to andro4all, a portal specialized in technology, all Android smartphones come with a magnetometer, that is, a sensor capable of detecting and measuring electromagnetic fields. Thanks to this, your phone can become a metal detector.


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