Demi Rose wears a cowboy hat and a sleeveless top as she poses for the camera.

Demi is seen from the front in the first photograph, looking to the side and sporting a black cowboy hat.

Demi Rose Instagram


Demi Rose created quite a stir on Instagram when she posted three pictures of herself with only a bra and a t-shirt.

With her back to us, Demi wears a black cowboy hat and covers her tremendous charms with only her hands in the first photograph.

Demi Rose

We see the model from behind in this second image, her long hair covering part of her back and allowing us to see her stunning rear end.


Finally, the model turns around and poses with her back to the camera, but this time the shot is much more open, revealing her tattooed legs and squandering all of her good looks.
There is no denying that the Englishwoman makes it abundantly evident that she has the body of a model, thus it should come as no surprise that she is on the verge of reaching 18 million Instagram followers.

Rose’s post has racked up over 820,000 likes and thousands of comments from her adoring followers, who have poured their hearts out to her.




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