Android 13: operating system would have new dynamics to transfer content

New leaks announce the news that would arrive in the next version of Android.

The news that would arrive in Android 13. Photo: XDA Developers

Android has become one of the most used operating systems in smartphones of various brands, and although they have not yet finished updating to version 12 on all cell phones in the world, various sources already mention the features that would come in Android 13.

That is why in this note we will show you three new functions that would arrive in the next generation of Google’s operating system.

Android 2
Android 13 Is Called Internally By The Developers With The Code Name Tiramisu. Photo: Tuttoandroid

New content transfer in Android 13

This function would be one of the most striking, as it would allow transferring content from one device to another simply by bringing the cell phone closer.

This option is similar to what can currently be done with the iPhone and HomePods, in which the user can send the music played on a cell phone to the speaker.

At the moment, the exact procedure of how it would work or if a new chip like the one already included in the Pixel 6 Pro has not been shown; the other option would be through the microphones and speakers themselves.

New design in audio output

Another novelty would be the change in the design of the audio output selector in Android 13, whose design would be flatter and with the operating system’s own colors, where the devices linked but not connected would appear as “disconnected”.

Read QR codes with screen locked

Due to the pandemic, since many businesses reopened, QR codes have become very popular, and this does not go unnoticed by Google, so it could include this new feature in Android 13.

Therefore, Android 13 could have the function of scanning the QR, surely with Google Lens, directly from the lock screen so that you do not need to unlock or enter an app.

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