5 Security Apps That Should Not Be Missing On Your IPhone

Dashlane best password manager for new iPhone 780x526
Dashlane best password manager for new iPhone 780x526

At present, our mobile devices and Security Apps have become essential objects for a large number of activities that we carry out throughout the day, ranging from those related to the work environment to those related to leisure, domestic activities, sports, etc.

This large number of activities in which our phone or other device has an important function have multiplied in a very short time, increasing proportionally, in turn, the number of passwords, codes and others that we must keep protecting the privacy of our data or documents.

Our devices bring different protection systems, to ensure to a certain extent that the user can face an intentional invasion of the privacy of the same, but sometimes these protection measures are insufficient and we need an addition that guarantees our security to a higher level or more complete. To reach this goal, we have some quite suitable security app to achieve it, applications that we expose and analyze below.

1. HiFolder

HiFolder consists of a security app that provides security from several points of view to your iPhone. As for data protection, it has a disguised password, which will hide the data in case someone forces you to enter it, a password for the different folders, a blocking pattern, and a file hiding function. It also allows you to manage files and take photos among other functions from the application to save on data transmission.

2. 1 Passe

With this security app, we get a high level of security of our files. From the app, secure and random passwords are generated for each account, in addition to the options of automatic synchronization with iCloud and self-destruction of files in case of theft or loss of the terminal. It also contains a fast file search engine, security pattern to access the app and allows you to use the camera and voice recorder from the security app itself.

3. Secretum

With Secretum, we will have security at a different level from that provided by patterns, fingerprints or passwords. Secretum offers us the possibility through the creation of a false password to be able to access a profile in which only the information selected by us is shown previously, so that all our data related to internet browsing, files and others will remain totally protected.

4. Keeper

Keeper is a security app with which we can store all the data we consider important for our security and privacy, from any type of documents, to account numbers, credit cards, user names and passwords, etc. We can highlight Keeper because it allows you to share data safely with another Keeper user, from one security vault to another without fear for the privacy of the different data, information and documents.

5. An advanced header for passwords

Through this security app, we will avoid the unnecessary tension of having to remember numerous data and passwords, being able to store them safely and under a password. It is compatible with all types of data to be stored, from email addresses, links and passwords to voice notes. It stands out for its navigation system that allows you to quickly and intuitively find the different data that we are looking for.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of security app that improves the security of our mobile devices and allows us to use them more safely and may have enough barriers to possible and intentional interference in our privacy and our private data.

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