Before having your first relationship Advice before your first sexual relationship

Do it or not do it. Important things to have very clear before making a decision.

Sex for the first time?

From the outset you should know that:

  • Sex is something more important than an act of pleasure.
  • Sex can lead to physical risks to your health.
  • Sex is an emotional bet and it is convenient to administer it well.

Before doing so, you have to be prepared / prepared for it (see 10 questions to know if you are prepared / prepared ). Think it’s different to think you’re prepared for it than to really be prepared for it. You must not allow your first sexual experience to be unfortunate. Once you’ve had it, you can not turn back. Be smart, make sure you’re prepared / prepared for it if you want to do it without regretting it.

Tips before maintaining your first relationship
Use protection to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
Young people in general is the last thing they think about and yet it is the first thing to worry about seriously. Before having your first relationship this topic should have it covered if no risk, otherwise you can incur a false error. See How to put a condom .

Use protection to prevent pregnancy
Although young people are often more sensitive to an unwanted pregnancy than to sexually transmitted diseases, many children still believe that this type of protection in a “girls problem” and do not take the proper precautions to protect themselves unless the girl insists. Boys should worry as much as girls about taking measures to protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy.

Really understand what it means to lose your virginity
The most serious international statistics show that the majority of young people arrive virgins to higher education. Some teenagers are bragging about their experiences when in reality or not they have had or they have left much to be desired. This causes many virgin adolescents to see themselves as “a rare part of a minority” when in reality they belong “to the great majority”. Losing your virginity will be a unique experience in life, do not underestimate it. Do not take it as a procedure that “must be done” and that the sooner it is done no matter how, when and with whom, the better. After losing it, if you were not ready, you may regret it. Remember that almost half of people confess to having regretted how or when or with whom.

Be honest: is it love or pure desire? Pressure or confidence?
Hormones may play a trick on young people, confusing “hormonal urges” with feelings. The sense of desire is new at puberty and it can be difficult to “manage” it during adolescence. If you add pressure from your partner, insecurity, search for independence to relate, look more adult, all this can lead you to rush. Your only defense is to be honest with yourself when it comes to asking yourself why you want to have sex.

Know the existing laws about it
You must inform yourself of the existing laws in the country where you live. The majority of adolescents do not stop to think about the legality of having sex , but there are laws that regulate these issues and the requirement of minimum ages to be able to maintain it. Often these laws refer to any type of behavior and not only refer to intercourse. Most countries require minimum ages to consent to sex of young people with adults.

Learn to understand your body and your feelings
The human body changes in a very important way during adolescence. Assimilate and learn to feel comfortable with the changes (development of certain parts, menstruation, acne …), but there will also be changes in our way of feeling .. There are too many changes and it may be wise not to add more confusion until you feel safe /to.

It’s perfect to say “No” at any time
When it comes to having sex, it is not about what others think about you, but about what you think. Do not listen to comments or evaluations about yourself that try to convince you with “intimidating” resources . It is always OK if you say “NO” at any time, because your inside tells you. Knowing how to say no .

Are you ready? If you are ready to have your first relationship andhave taken all the necessary precautionsremember some important things:

Do not have unfounded fears, inform yourself well with adults who are of your confidence and really know about the subject. Find out everything
Relax and go easy . You have to see in the other person someone you love, gives you confidence and tranquility.
Talk about it with your partner. Do not hurry . Take a long time to get where you want to go. And if you do not see it clearly DO NOT continue. Do not let yourself be pressured. You can arrive at another time that is better.
Do not “touch the ear” of other classmates of your age. Making love well is an art that is learned. Trust people who can really help you (the best will always be your family, educators or specialists)

If you are determined / decided to have sex: sex is a physical way of expressing love and affection towards someone. Having a sexual relationship can be rewarding and fun, but it is very important to remember:

Both parties have to agree to have sex.
Practice safe sex: protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and avoid pregnancy. Family orientation telephones
No one has the right to force you under any circumstance to have sex.
You always have the right to say “NO”
It is OK if you change your decision at any time. See Saber say no .

Remember that no one has the right to intimidate or harass you to have sex . Forcing or sexually harassing a person is a crime severely punished by law.

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