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    In Thor: Love and Thunder, the god of thunder is stripped of his powers in Omnipotence City

    One of the things that most caught our attention in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, the new adventure of the son of Odin in the Marvel...

    Thor: Love and Thunder: 8 facts you probably missed

    Thor: Love and Thunder have just been released in theaters. After years of waiting for the new Marvel movie, we have finally been able...

    Thor: Love and Thunder, the character no one anticipated to return to Marvel, is now here

    Thor: Love and Thunder is a psychedelic journey of jokes, unlikely scenes, and even tears. The most recent film from the Marvel factory by Taika Waititi surprises with...

    Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits sequences, explained

    Thor: Love and Thunder came to the cinema to baffle. The most recent Marvel movie is the most authorial of its factory, but also the closest...

    How many additional scenes are there after the credits roll in the film Thor: Love and Thunder?

    Thor: Love and Thunder have two post-credits scenes. Some that are deeply linked to the plot and could give some clues to the future of the...

    Thor: Love & Thunder, are we facing the worst Marvel Studios movie?

    Thor: Love and Thunder stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Tessa Thompson are the ones who steal the show. We cannot deny that Thor:...

    Natalie Portman stepped out in a red minidress to attend the premiere of Thor

    Natalie Portman drew gasps as she walked the red carpet at the Thor: Love and Thunder premiere in London.  She arrived at the gala dressed in a...


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