What did NFL fans think of Tom Brady’s retirement announcement on Twitter?

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

After 22 seasons in the NFL, Tom Brady has decided to retire. Some admirers are returning to the news after waiting two decades for his reign to end, while others are taking a step back to try to really appreciate how incredible his career was and how blessed we all are to have watched it.

Many NFL fans and players resorted to social media to process their feelings about Brady’s retirement. There was merriment, teasing, laughter, tears, celebration, and remembering.

Twitter Reacts To Tom Brady'S Retirement Announcement | Iheart

No matter how you feel about him, you have to admit that Tom Brady has had a career that is truly unparalleled and will go down as one of the most legendary in sports history.

Aside from the Bucs, players from other teams also paid respect to Brady and his career. Players from throughout the league, including Patrick Mahomes and the recently retired J.J. Watt, sent bouquets to Brady as news of his retirement spread.

Tom Brady To Leave New England Patriots - Variety

It’s unclear at this point if Brady will actually come out of retirement or not. Back in the offseason before last, he virtually came out of retirement to take a shot at Adam Schefter for having jumped the gun on his retirement announcement.

It looks like things are getting a little more official this time around. Brady retires as one of the most highly decorated players in NFL history and maybe the best player in NFL history.

Tom Brady Lifted The Patriots. Now Comes A Second Act. - The New York Times

The three MVP awards, five Super Bowl MVP awards, and seven Super Bowl rings he won during his career are only the tip of the iceberg of his incredible achievements.

The name “Tom Brady” has become virtually inseparable from the National Football League (NFL) for the past two decades, regardless of your feelings about the quarterback. We haven’t lived in a world without Tom Brady in professional football since 2000, and it’s evident that he’s left an indelible effect on the sport and its followers.

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