Vélez moves closer to the Libertadores after defeating San Lorenzo.

Liniers triumphed 2-1 at José Amalfitani thanks to goals from Janson, one of which came in the first minute. Through Ortega, the visit had been levelled.


Vélez Sarsfield defeated San Lorenzo 2 to 1 at home to finish fourth in the Professional Football League, almost missing out on a berth in the Copa Libertadores 2022, while Boedo’s men accentuated their poor season.

With two goals from Lucas Janson (1m. and 28m. PT), Vélez won the twentieth match played in Liniers, and San Lorenzo was able to discount with a goal against Francisco Ortega (16m. PT).

As a result, Vélez is in fourth place with 34 points, while San Lorenzo is in twenty-fourth place with 20 points.

In the first half, Vélez took advantage of a play initiated by Federico Mancuello and received by Lucas Janson, who scored with a header.

When Agustin Martegani defined the goal defended by Lucas Hoyos with an overflow on the left, Francisco Ortega tried to clear the ball with his chest, but the ball entered after 16 minutes.

The game became a round trip for both teams, with Andrés Herrera and Julián Palacios attacking on the right flank for the “azulgrana.”

Vélez, for his part, leaned on Janson, who, at this point in the game, was the most destabilizing player.

However, after 28 minutes, Vélez took advantage of two San Lorenzo errors, the first of which was a poor clearance by Francisco Flores, which was left to Janson, who defined and found Sebastián Torrico, who was unable to contain the ball.

With attacks from Nicolás Fernández Mercau, who fed forwards Franco Di Santo and Nicolás “Uvita” Fernández in the second half, Boedo’s team looked to the left.

Although the local team searched with Thiago Almada for a play to score the third goal, the “Fortn” defence began to make mistakes that the “Cyclone” tried to capitalize on.

As a result, when Luca Orellano came on at 41 minutes, he wanted Torrico, maybe for Velez’s third goal.

The setback highlights San Lorenzo’s poor form, which is eroding its chances of qualifying for the South American Cup. He will meet Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata at the Nuevo Gasómetro on the following date, while Vélez will fly to the province of Córdoba to face the River guard, Talleres.

Some fights between the footballers, which resulted in a “complete equipment” of admonished: 11, seven of them of the premises, added to the meeting’s uniqueness.

Synthesis = synthesis

Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Matas De los Santos, Lautaro Giannetti, and Francisco Ortega; Gerónimo Poblete and Federico Mancuello; Agustn Bouzat, Thiago Almada, and Lucas Janson; Juan Martin Lucero. Velez Sarsfield: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Matas De los Santos, Lautaro Giannetti, and Francisco Ort Mauricio Pellegrino is the DT.

Sebastián Torrico; Andrés Herrera, Francisco Flores, Cristian Zapata, and Nicolás Fernández Mercau or Bruno Pittón; Julián Palacios or Ezequiel Cerutti, Néstor Ortigoza, Yeison Gordillo, and Agustin Martegani; Nicolás Fernández and Franco Di Santo; Nicolás Fernández and Franco Di Santo Diego Monarriz-José Di Leo is the DT.

Lucas Janson (V) scored 1m. and 28m. in the first half, and Francisco Ortega (V) scored 16m. in the second half.

In the second half, Nahuel Barrios replaces Martegani (SL) and Ezequiel Cerutti replaces Palacios (SL); Luca Orellano replaces Janson (V); Cristian Tarragona replaces Lucero (V) and Santiago Cáceres replaces Bouzat (V); Alexis Sabella replaces Flores (S); Miguel Brizuela replaces Almada (V) and Agustn Mulet replaces Poble (V).

Poblete, Lucero, De Los Santos, Hoyos, Cáceres, Mancuello, and Orellano (V); Zapata, Flores, Di Santo, and Ortigoza (V); Zapata, Flores, Di Santo, and Ortigoza (V) (S).

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