Suárez dressed up as god Neptuno and threw the party at the Fonte de Madrid: Atlético is Spanish champion seven years later

Atlético lost at halftime in Valladolid but managed to turn it around in ten minutes with goals from Correa and Suárez and launched the party in Madrid. Portuguese João Félix wins first trophy in Spain.

Luis Suarez 2

Exciting. Electrifying. Unpredictable. The last round of the Spanish League would dispel doubts about a fight that at first seemed to not exist, then it became four and finally it was reduced to rivals from Madrid, Atlético and Real. With different paths, with different perspectives in the short term even in the technical command, with a point clearly in common between opposing strokes: the main scorer and the relief of the title in 2021.

Atl. Madrid, who faced Valladolid this Saturday, had the authorities signal the match as high risk in the face of the more than probable flood of colchonero fans., had an impeccable start to the Championship, came to lead with more than ten points of advantage but then trembled. He trembled because he lost some players who are usually the starting points for injury (and this includes Covid-19) and punishment, he trembled because he was losing character in an attempt to defend results, he trembled because Luis Suárez was not as lethal as usual. However, and in the moment of truth, the Uruguayan who was dismissed from Barcelona by phone and through coach Ronald Koeman himself appeared again and decided to win against Osasuna with two minutes to go, after a great assist by João Félix for Lodi’s tie. Today, Suárez could assume the role of hero of the League, by exchanging a potential champion for a delayed champion who showed his potential.

On the other hand, Real Madrid, which still received Villarreal in Valdebebas (at a time when the profound remodeling of the Santiago Bernabéu is beginning to have another image), had one last chance to be happy at a time when it did a lot not to be, among a bad start to the season, a period of improvement that didn’t really count for him to win any of the trophies he disputed, an elimination in the Champions’ socks against the team that theoretically would be the least complicated among the many difficulties and more draws in the phase of the calendar in which I could not lose points. Zidane’s departure at the end of the season seems inevitable, but in the midst of the turbulence that this news also created, Benzema emerged , who could assume the role of League hero at the time when he assumed even greater prominence and will return to the selection in the European Championship.

In the end, logic prevailed with the victory of Atl. Madrid and logic prevailed with another goal from Luis Suárez, Barcelona’s biggest possible management error this season. Seven years later, Fonte Neptuno received mattress fans to win the 11th Championship, only the second this century. And João Félix, who was used as a substitute in the second half, won the first trophy in Spain before the European Championship.

15 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. The mattresses even came in better with some good approaches but it was Valladolid’s formation that had the first chance of the match, with Toni Villa forcing Oblak to overcome the barrier of 100 defenses in the League. In Valdebebas, Real were struggling to reach the opposite third and Éder Militão even had a providential cut in a deep ball for Carlos Bacca.

18 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. Theater blow in Valladolid, with the home team scoring the first goal of the game in a move that started in a corner of Atl. Madrid, afterwards had a good triangulation before putting the ball in the depth, Yannick Carrasco tried the cut in the “burning” and Óscar Plano, isolated, made the 1-0. In this way, and with a goal from Real, Atl. Madrid would automatically be in second and have to score two goals.

20 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. Valladolid goal, Villarreal goal: Gerard managed to win a ball in the opposite midfield through the center aisle, passed to Bacca, the Colombian was unable to control in the best way and Yeremi Pino did not miss the opportunity to open the scoring in Valdebebas. Atl. Madrid again had a two-point advantage in the virtual leadership, maintaining the two-point advantage in the final decision.

30 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. Both candidates were losing and were looking for goals that could change classifieds at a glance. Luis Suárez had an opportunity to draw but Valladolid’s defense was stronger again, Real players were asking for a penalty for cutting with the arm in the area of ​​Parejo that was not considered. Colchoneros were still two points ahead of their rival in the Spanish capital.

45 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. The break came with the two competitors at a disadvantage on the scoreboard and with different stages in the game: while Atl. Madrid tried to force the attack without creating opportunities but left plenty of room for Valladolid’s quick exits, Real had a dangerous shot in the side net by Modric, another attempt over Benzema and a header from Casemiro to the figure of the goalkeeper.

57 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. Diego Simeone’s team went full throttle in the second half, camping in Valladolid’s midfield and placing several balls in the area in an organized attack or strategy moves. However, it took the individual magic of a “corkscrew” to achieve what was not working through the air: Correa received at the entrance of the area, took two opponents out of the way and finished off with a low “spout” for the tie. Two minutes earlier, in Valdebebas, Real Madrid had managed to draw but the goal was eventually annulled by VAR. Colchoneros now had a three-point lead.

67 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. Real tried at all costs to still turn the scoreboard, even knowing that a win with a tie from Atlético gave the title, but Luis Suárez insisted that there were no doubts just ten minutes after Correa’s goal, taking advantage of a wrong delay. Sergi Guardiola to advance alone to the area and make the turnaround in the marker, making the team much more comfortable in the encounter. Despite the substitutions and opportunities of the visitors, Villarreal continued to win in Valdebebas.

87 ′ and 90 + 2 ′, Atl. Madrid champion. With the game controlled in Valladolid, Real managed to turn their encounter in the last minutes with a goal from Benzema three minutes from the end and another one from Modric already in period of discounts. However, and despite this triumph, the story was decided. With this curiosity of, at the last minute of discounts on his game, Atl. Madrid will not be able to suffer under penalty of being able to lose the title of champion.


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