Students beat Sarmiento and reached the top

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Students Beat Sarmiento And Reached The Top
Students beat Sarmiento and reached the top
Students, with two goals from Mauro Boselli, one from a penalty, beat Sarmiento 2-1, who achieved partial equality with Jonathan Torres, in the match that closed the segment on Tuesday of the third round of the Professional League championship .The team led by Ricardo Zielinski suffered the expulsion of Leandro Díaz in the end, reached 7 points, and had their best player in Boselli.Students, precisely because of Boselli‘s goalscoring ability, got the advantage in a very disputed first half, fought and little game.Israel Damonte arranged for Sarmiento a five-man defense to cover the raises of Leonardo Godoy and Emanuel Más and with the three closed midfielders take Fernando Zuqui’s freedom, cut, and leave quickly.

He achieved the first goal of neutralizing but except for a shot by Javier Toledo at the beginning that Mariano Andújar controlled and a crossed left-footed shot at the end that went close, he did not worry the captain of the La Plata team.

Students, as in the previous dates, it was erratic and imprecise. Except for a shot from Díaz and a couple of hints from Matías Pellegrini, he couldn’t take any danger.

The parity was broken in a ball that Díaz fought outside the area, Godoy sent a great cross to the heart of the area and Boselli with his eyes wide open and with a header left Sebastián Meza without a chance to make it 1-0.

At the beginning of the complement, Zuqui is disturbed by a shot from outside the area.

But Sarmiento, at his weakest moment of the game, equalized with a corner kick by Lucas Castro, they lowered it at the second post and Torres pushed it for the equalizer. The VAR intervened due to a subjection by Gastón Sauro to Andújar but Zunino ended up validating it.

The game continued to be hotly contested and discussed, a development that was helped by a weak arbitration by Sebastián Zunino.

At 28 minutes a corner from Zuqui found a hand from Toledo, a penalty charged by the judge, ratified by the VAR, and Boselli changed for a goal with a shot to the left by Meza that went to the other side.

Lucas Castro had the draw that he lost at the mouth of the goal, then More demanded Meza and thus the game was consumed with more fight than situations and full of controversies.


Students: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Agustín Rogel, Fabián Noguera and Emmanuel Más; Manuel Castro, Jorge Rodríguez, Fernando Zuqui and Matías Pellegrini; Mauro Boselli and Leandro Diaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Sarmiento: Sebastian Meza; Gonzalo Bettini, Manuel Guanini, Gastón Sauro, Federico Rasmussen and Franco Quinteros; Lucas Castro, Harrison Mancilla and Jair Arismendi; Javier Toledo and Jonathan Torres. DT: Israel Damonte.

The goal in the first half: 36 minutes Mauro Boselli (E).

Goals in the second half: 11 minutes Jonathan Torres (S) and 29 minutes Mauro Boselli (E), from a penalty.

Substitutions in the second half: 10 minutes Julián Brea for Quinteros (S), 25 minutes Franco Zapiola for Pellegrini (E), 35 minutes Lisandro López for Guanini (S) and Luciano Lollo for Manuel Castro (E), 42 minutes Luciano Gondou for Lucas Castro (S) and David Gallardo for Bettini (S) and 44 minutes Aaron Spetale for Boselli (E).

Admonished: Godoy and Rodríguez (E). Torres, Guanini, Mancilla, Brea, Toledo and Lucas Castro (S).

The incident in the second half: Sent off after 45 minutes Leandro Diaz (E).

Referee: Sebastian Zunino

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