Mikel Arteta’s Tactics for Arsenal’s Upcoming Match Against Everton

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Arsenal will face off against Everton in their upcoming Premier League match, and fans are eager to see how manager Mikel Arteta will approach this crucial match. In this article, we will delve into the tactics that Arteta may employ in order to secure a victory against the Toffees.

Every Word From Mikel'S Pre-Everton Presser | Press Conference | News | Arsenal.com

Arsenal’s New Formation

Under Arteta, Arsenal has adopted a new formation that emphasizes ball possession and quick passing. The Gunners line up in a 3-4-3 formation, with the three central defenders tasked with building up play from the back. The wing-backs push forward to provide width and support for the forwards, while the midfielders occupy central areas and look to control the tempo of the game.

Pressing and Counter-Press

One of the key elements of Arteta‘s tactics is pressing and counter-pressing. The team works hard to win the ball back as quickly as possible when they lose it, and to then quickly transition into attack. The forwards, in particular, are expected to press the opposition’s defense high up the pitch, making it difficult for them to build up play.

Every Word From Mikel'S Pre-Everton Presser | Press Conference | News | Arsenal.com

The Importance of Wing-Backs

The wing-backs play a vital role in Arsenal’s system, providing width and support for the forwards. They are expected to get up and down the pitch, both supporting the attack and tracking back to defend. In the final third, they look to get in behind the opposition defense and provide crosses for the forwards to attack.

Midfield Control

In the midfield, Arsenal looks to control the tempo of the game. The central midfielders are tasked with retaining possession and finding openings in the opposition defense. They also provide a crucial link between the defense and attack, allowing the team to smoothly transition between phases of play.

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Final Thoughts

Mikel Arteta has implemented a new tactical approach at Arsenal, emphasizing ball possession, pressing, and quick transitions. The 3-4-3 formation, the role of the wing-backs, and the importance of midfield control will all be crucial in securing a victory against Everton. As the match approaches, fans will be eagerly watching to see how these tactics play out on the pitch.

With these tactics in mind, it is clear that Arsenal will be a force to be reckoned with in their upcoming match against Everton. The team is well-equipped to secure a victory and continue their climb up the Premier League table.


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